Rabbi Meir Malka in a Holy Call for the Emergency Fundraising Appeal for Rav Berland shlit”a

Rav Meir Malka
Rav Meir Malka shlit"a at a prayer gathering in Hebron

More words from members of the Rabbinical Council of the holy Shuvu Banim community who have come out with a holy call to the wider community to donate to the Emergency Fundraising Appeal for our Rebbe, Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a.

Faced with unbearable expenses and the extremely precarious medical situation of our Rebbe, Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, along with the very real possibility that the Rav will be returned to prison if the conditions of his house arrest are not met (among them 100,000 NIS in monthly security expenses alone), the Rabbinical Council of the holy Shuvu Banim community has called for an emergency fundraising appeal to meet the necessary expenses for the rescue and monthly expenditures of the Rav shlit”a.

With those involved in handling the Rav’s affairs mamash breaking under the heavy burden and left with no other option, the Rabbinical Council decided to turn to the holy community which for decades has been sustained by the Rav’s Torah and prayers, and, of course, to anyone who has a Jewish soul within him and is dismayed by the terrible and unjust treatment of the Tzaddik of the generation, who fights with his body and soul day and night for Am Yisrael.

To participate in the Emergency Fundraising Appeal for Pidyon Shvuyim of Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a: click here (donations  here are tax deductible)

or donate via The Chesed Fund (donations here are not tax deductible)

These are the holy words of the tzaddik Rav Meir Malka shlit”a, representative of the Rabbinical Council of the holy Shuvu Banim community:

“To all our dear Breslover chasidim, brothers and colleagues:  Once again we turn to the holy community, the community here in Jerusalem the holy city, and likewise to the holy community in all cities of Israel and anyone who hears us, followers and supporters of Rav Berland, chasidim of the Rav and those accompanying them – please, please, we once again turn to you in the midst of a situation which requires your precious help.

“Again, again, there are new expenses for Rav Berland, besides the continuing expenses, as known… upon the Rav are: [the costs of] security, maintaining the house, and everything surrounding these things.  These cost the Rav tremendous expenses, thousands upon thousands, both debts from the past and continuing [expenses].

“Besides this, bezras Hashem, there is the intention to hire more attorneys to take care of the Rav’s affairs, and bezras Hashem, we will be able to demand, request, and reach the possibility of a renewed connection to our Rebbe Rav Berland shlit”a by the members of the holy community and those connected with them.

“Therefore, it’s the merit of each person to turn to whom he wants to turn to… that each person should fulfill what is required in this matter.  Outside of this, there are previous expenses of attorneys; we’re talking about debts of thousands upon thousands every month.

“We plead to you, the situation truly requires your precious help.  Therefore, we turn to you again with an urgent request that each person should strengthen himself and donate a sum of 1000 shekels.  We are permitting ourselves to request because of the situation of what is needed and required.  Please, anyone who has the ability to turn to those who know and love Rav Berland shlit”a…

“Anyone whose heart is willing — please turn to other people, and to gather more and more donations; a blessing should come upon him.  Bezras Hashem, it should be considered for you a great merit, a renewed undertaking.

“What can we do when all the time there are new requirements.  The expenses alone reach many tens of thousands, and we’re not talking about previous debts – for security guards.  We still haven’t paid them for a while.  Also the medical expenses of the Rav — private doctors and everything which is required surrounding the enormous expenses.

“Please, undertake this with a willing heart and from Heaven good will come upon you in the merit of the tzaddik.

“Be strong and courageous.”

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