Rabbi Uzi Meshulam’s Secret Letter – Part 1

Gravestone of Uzi Meshulam
Gravestone of Rabbi Uzi Meshulam ztz"l

Rabbi Uzi Meshulam’s Secret Letter – Part 1

“It’s impossible to receive from the lofty neshama (soul) of the Tzaddik except by way of bizyonot (disgrace) and a lot of ‘split blood’. A person needs to be very, very, greatly embarrassed before he merits to receive the light of the holy Torah of the True Tzaddik, the ‘breath of our nose’, the Moshiach of Hashem.” Words of Rabbi Uzi Meshulam, zt’l.


Rabbi Uzi Meshulam, zt’l, was a kabbalist and tzaddik who took it upon himself to try to uncover the fate of the stolen Yemenite Children.

The State of Israel imprisoned him, and although he entered prison a healthy, relatively young man, he ultimately left prison after five years in a terrible state physically, unable to speak.

Before his health collapsed to that point, Rabbi Meshulam wrote a number of letters and shiurim, only some of which have come to light.


On his tombstone it”s written: “Here lies our teacher Azoulai Uzi ben David Meshulam may Hashem revenge his blood who sacrifised his life following the instruction of his grandfather Rabbi Chaim Sanviani who rectify the injustice of the kidnapping and selling of thousands of Jewish Children from the Yemenite and Balkan communities. He was persecuted and murdered by instruments of the corrupt establishment of a State which had stolen and dressed up in the name ‘Israel’.”

The following letter, written in prison, speaks of the matter of the persecution of the True Tzaddik, and his students, and dates from the year 5755 (1995). From his writing, we can see the greatness of Rabbi Meshulam’s Torah, and also his yirat shemayim (fear of Hashem) and wisdom.

The letter, which Rabbi Meshulam wrote in his prison cell, reads as a prophecy for our days.

Rav Meshulam speaks about the greatness of the soul of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, which is the neshama of Moshiach ben David, which comes to rectify the sins of the generation by way of suffering persecution, shaming and abuse. Rabbi Meshulam continues about what those who want to come closer to this neshama experiences:

“[T]he darkness and the crookedness of the heart, that creates doubts and confusions and terrible kooshiot (difficulties), that the accuser placed within them, for example: ‘That Gadol said such-and-such against the Tzaddik, and the other Gadol and Mekubal slandered the True Tzaddik in such and such way, may Hashem save us…”

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We’re pleased to bring part 1 of the full translation of this special letter written by Rabbi Uzi Meshulam, zt’l, below:

With Hashem’s help, Marcheshvan 18, 5655.

“I will thank you [Hashem] for you have answered me, and You have become for me a salvation.”

“My might and my praise is God” – that it will be a year of Hashem’s revenge against the erev rav, those from the evil seed of Amalek, may their name and memory be blotted out.”

Divrei Torah from the Torah of Rabbenu Nachman ben Feige, zt’l, nachal novea, makor chochma the flowing stream, source of wisdom.

Hashem Yitbarach had pity on us, and brought down to this world the neshama of Rabbenu, zt’l, which came out of the first three sefirot (kabbalistic worlds) of Atik. Because his soul is from the resha de lo ityada (lit: the head that is unknown). And there is no-one who can establish it, in the secret of King David, Moshiach.

And it was given over to his hand to rectify the tumat p’gam habrit (the spiritual impurity of blemishing the covenant), in the secret of: “before the sun, Yinon is his name”, which is the secret of yud nun, the brain (yud) of the 50th (nun) gate, from which the main ikker (essence) of freedom to exit from all the narrow places. As it’s written: “And hamushim (armed / a fifth) of Bnei Israel came out of the land of Egypt.” (Shmot 13). Meaning, specifically through the revelation of the 50th gate (hamishim), which is the secret of the emanation of bina.

Through the emanation of bina, Am Yisrael came out from the filth of Egypt, which is the impurity of the blemish of the covenant, as is known.


And it’s known that the secret of Moshiach is very jealous on behalf of Hashem Yitbarach, and fights to destroy the blemish of niuf (se*ual impurity) from the world.

As it says, “Ruach apaynu Moshiach Hashem” – the breath of our nostrils [is] Hashem’s Moshiach – “against and to break and to destroy the letters niuf.[1]

Therefore all the blemished neshamot of the generation of the flood, which is the blemish of the covenant, and all the blemished neshamot of the generation of the dispersal, which is heresy, returned and were reincarnated in these generations.

And even though already there were many thousands and many hundreds of thousands of blemished souls that were raised up and rectified, through the ‘unique ones’ of the generations that have been the True and awesome Tzaddikim, even up until now, nonetheless, there remained holy souls like these which fell into very immense blemishes.

And the same unique ones of the generations were unable to rectify [these souls], for reasons which are not understandable or graspable by our human intellect. Until Hashem had pity on us and brought down to this world the soul of Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman, the secret of the soul of King David Moshiach.

And he is hidden within Moshiach, in the secret of “if there is no kemach (flour) there is no Torah”.


And as we said above, his soul is from the resha de lo ityada (lit: the head that is unknown). And there is no-one who can establish it. And it’s given over into his hand to rectify this sin and to gather and collect all of the [souls] who are pushed away, and the ones who are scattered into the four corners of the world.

And to return them to their roots, and to shine into them the point of light, the light of mah (one of Hashem’s names) – the light of ‘renewed’ mah, the emanation from the forehead, from the world of tikkun (rectification). With the renewal and the revelation [which is] wonderful and very, very awesome.

Until they are turned around, into a completely different person.

As it’s written in Isaiah 12:

“And I will say on that day, I thank You Hashem, for You were angry with me, and now your wrath has subsided, and You have n’a’ch’a’m’n’i comforted me. Behold, God is my salvation, I shall trust and not fear, because God is my might and my praise. Hashem! And He was a salvation for me. You can draw water with joy from the springs of salvation, and you will say on that day, give thanks to Hashem, declare His name, make His acts known amongst the peoples, declare that His name is exalted. Make music for Hashem, for He has acted with grandeur. Make this known throughout the world, exalt and sing for joy, O inhabitant of Zion, for the Holy One of Israel is great in your midst.”


And in the targum there, if we are precise in each and every word, with Hashem’s help we are able to understand the wonderful hints and secrets of the Torah.

Because after we merit to reveal the True Tzaddik, who is the chosen of the Tzaddikim, and to receive from him awesome Torah and new teachings, that are sourced from the yichud hapnimi (inner unification), things which weren’t yet revealed in the world until now.

Then it’s worthwhile, all the setbacks and the falls, and the being rejected that occur to the person who wants to come close to the True Tzaddik.

To Be Continued….

read the full Hebrew letter here



[1] In the Hebrew, the word apaynu contains the same letters as niuf.

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