Rabbi Yitzhak Batzri: My mother asked for Moshiach to come now

Rabbi Yitzhak Batzri: My mother wanted Moshiach to come now

Rabbanit Tzippora Batzri, a’h, the wife of the well-known Sephardi kabbalist, Rabbi David Batzri, was recently niftar.

According to the initial report by Rav Yaakov Zisholtz, her health had deteriorated greatly, and she was experiencing difficulty in breathing and finding it difficult to fall asleep.

However, in the afternoon she managed to fall asleep for four hours straight, and when she woke up, she told those around her what she’d just experienced.


The Rabbanit said that she had been in Shemayim (Heaven), where she saw that there was a great debate going on between different tzaddikim.

Some of the tzaddikim were asking Hashem to redeem Am Yisrael immediately and to bring Moshiach now. But there were other tzaddikim who were opposing this, and asking for geula to be delayed a little longer.

Rabbanit Batzri reported that there was a great commotion going on, and that she’d received permission from the tzaddikim to come down and tell the people of Israel what was happening. The Tzaddikim told her to give Am Yisrael a message, as follows:

Go down and tell all the Jews that they need to have achdut (unity), and to love each other, and that is how they will have the geula with rachamim (the sweet, merciful way).


Subsequently, Rabbanit Batzri’s son, Rabbi Yitzhak Batzri added more first-hand details of what his mother reported was occurring in shemayim.

He explains that the argument in shemayim between the tzaddikim revolved around whether the geula should come imminently, or whether it should be held off for a short while longer.

Rabbi Batzri said:

“There was an argument between the tzaddikim about whether to bring Moshiach now, or whether the time for it still hadn’t come. Some of them said that [Moshiach should come] immediately, now, and others said it should only be in another short while.

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My mother told them ‘now’, but they didn’t pay attention to her.

There is also one Tzaddik, a man of deep wisdom… who said that in the month of Nissan, there wouldn’t be a single Jew who didn’t know that the geula had begun. This same Tzaddik, who has been very ill, and in poor health recently, said:

“You should know, that the geula is very close, there is an argument as to whether it should be in Nissan, or a little bit later.”

This is exactly what my mother testified that she saw Above.


I understood that the words of my mother weren’t accepted, that they should bring geula because she wanted to continue to live. But my mother was a very strong woman, and she ascended above, to shemayim (i.e. passed away) in order to not give up (in relation to pressing for geula to come now.)

In these days, mamash, when we’re standing mamash at the threshold [of geula], that’s what we’re feeling.

I think that each of us has to think about what he could do to strengthen themselves in their avodat Hashem.

When the Moshiach comes, he’s going to look into everyone’s face, and he’s going to ‘sniff out’ a person’s yirat shemayim. And the biggest shame there will be for a person is if the Moshiach sniffs out their ‘not good’.

So, all of us need to return and make teshuva.

These are the words of Rabbi Yitzhak Batzri. You can hear him speaking below, in the original Hebrew:



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