Rav Berland: “Don’t respond to the people who are against us! Every word is a diamond.”

Rav Berland insult with love

Every word of humiliation is a diamond

Reposted from December 7, 2016.
Rav Berland, shlita, recently gave over a message of incredible chizzuk to his followers:
“Don’t respond to the people who are against us!” the Rav requested. “Every word is a diamond. Don’t throw the diamonds back at them!”

In response to the recent attacks against Rav Berland and Shuvu Banim from other zealous Breslov groups Rav Berland sent a recording statement to his followers today telling them not to respond rather to take everything with love:

      Rav Berland saying not to demonstrate - The Rav saying not to demonst

“I’m asking all of my talmidim and everyone in Shuvu Banim not to demonstrate, not to respond, let them speak to their hearts desires, every word spoken against us is a blessing.

“The Rebbe teaches in chapter 272 that when words are spoken against a person they are diamonds being thrown at them and a person shouldn’t be so silly as to throw the diamonds back.


I’m begging everyone not to throw back the diamonds that are being thrown at us, just accept everything with love.

Let them speak their hearts desires, don’t answer them, don’t respond, don’t do any demonstrations… If you want to get involved support them! Give them money, provide them with transportation, only help them!

Let them slander, let them speak to their hearts desire, our only response should be to hug and kiss them. It’s only for our good so that we should merit the Ohr Ain Sof [light of the Infinite One].

May Hashem be with you.”


In 2015, when Rav Berland was in Johannesburg he sent a similar message to his students telling them that the insults and persecutions are only beginning, and that everyone should prepare for a lot more, because all this is needed in order to attain the abundance of good in store for the future.


Psak Din to close the “Breslov Kav” – Rav Moshe Bransdorfer

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