Rav Nissim Moyal: “Whoever speaks badly of Rav Berland, they will vanish”

Rabbi Nissim Moyal

Rav Nissim Moyal: The people who speak against the Tzaddik are delaying the geula

Rav Yaakov Selma, shlita, is the head of the Netzach Netzachim kollel in Bnei Brak. In a stunning interview, he shared what happened after one of the relatives of Rav Moyal put out a film where Rav Berland was favorably mentioned.

Rav Selma began:

“We put out a video about Rav Nisim Moyal, zt’l, and members of Rav Moyal’s family spoke about how much gadlus, greatness, he ascribed to Rav Berland, shlita. Suddenly, one of the Tzaddik’s persecutors called me up, and asked me how I could start telling such ‘stories’. I replied that the ‘story’ came from one of Rav Moyal’s close family members – and that all the information was coming from a first-hand source.

“When all their pressure to take the video down didn’t work on me, these persecutors next tried to pressure the yeshiva, and said they would threaten the yeshiva’s donors, until they would stop giving money to the yeshiva.

“Things got so bad, that this same close family relative, who had so enthusiastically told me the story about Rav Berland, asked me to take down the video.

“The words I’m sharing with you now are coming straight from the horse’s mouth, from the close family member of Rav Moyal, Zt’l, before he was so badly pressured [by the Rav’s persecutors].


Rav Moyal’s family member said:

“One time, I went to visit Rav Moyal in the hospital, and he said to me: ‘You don’t know what I saw happening with Rav Berland. I saw him there, l’mala (in the upper realms). There are tzaddikim there who discuss matters between themselves, but when Rav Berland comes, he’s the one who decrees.’

“I asked Rav Moyal, ‘what does it mean, that he ‘decrees’?’ He responded that Rav Berland was the posek (the halachic decisor) in the Heavenly beit din.”

The family member continued:

“I remember that when I was small, one of my uncles took me to see Rav Berland. My uncle had an envelope of money with him, and he gave it to Rav Berland and told him that it was from Rav Moyal. Rav Berland told my uncle that the money would be going to avreichim, (full-time students) who were learning Torah. Then he added, that ‘I have nothing to do in this world, aside from learning and spreading Torah.’

“When we got back to Kiryat Gat, to Rav Moyal, he said:

‘The decree was totally cancelled. That’s it, the decree was totally cancelled!’

“With his ruach hakodesh (prophetic spirit), Rav Moyal always used to say that it was assur, forbidden, to speak against Rav Berland, and that all we should do is strengthen our emuna in him. [He said] that everything concerning him and his students, and everything concerning his spreading [of Torah], and guarding the eyes, and guarding the covenant, and learning the Gemara in depth, should all go from strength to strength.

“[He said] that there is no other place in the world where this spiritual work is being done, like at Rav Berland’s Shuvu Banim.

“I myself heard Rav Moyal say on a few different occasions in the name of the Baba Elazar, that there have been other tzaddikim who took death and disgrace upon themselves, but that [only] Rav Berland said he was willing to take everything upon himself.

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“The Baba Elazar said that he was taking [the decree of] death upon himself.

“Rav Moyal then added:

‘Whoever speaks badly about Rav Berland, it would rachamim (a mercy) for him if he only dies [in this world]. After all, death is a din (judgement.)’

“Rav Moyal continued that when people speak badly against the Tzaddik, this only perturbs and delays the geula (redemption).”

Rav Moyal’s close relative continued:

“I used to run after Rav Moyal everywhere he went, even when he was admitted to the hospital. On one of those occasions, when he was in the hospital in Ein Kerem, Rav Moyal gave me a seder (order) of tehillim and mishnayot to learn.

“While I was studying it, two men came to visit him, and Rav Moyal said to me: ‘I don’t want these people here. They should be thrown out of the hospital.’ When I asked him, ‘HaRav, what’s going on?’ Rav Moyal responded: ‘They think that because now I’m sick, they can get some [negative] statement out of me, about the Tzaddik Rav Eliezer Berland.

“’This is fire! It’s assur to speak badly about the Tzaddik Rav Berland! Whoever plays with [this fire], he will vanish. In heaven, this is what they are saying,’ concluded Rav Moyal.”

Click HERE to hear a recording of Rav Moyal’s grandson.

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