Updated! Full English transcription of Recording: Rav Shalom Arush speaking on Radio Kol B’ramah “Rav Berland is an angel of G-d, he is atoning for the sins of the generation…”

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Kol Berama:

Rav Berland has been out of Israel for three years but in actuality, no one is doing anything here on his behalf.

Rav Arush:

I understand Rabbi Grossman flew there to assist and I know I and others have been working, davening and giving shiurim. I am also doing a lot to help, he has around 30-40 thousand people here who are his students, and I am very involved with them in many ways.

To my sorrow people today the way people believe the media… if only they would believe the torah as much as they believe the media! I merited being the first shamesh of the rav, and his first driver, in the year 1975, more than 40 years ago. I can tell you what I saw with my eyes. This is not a story that someone told me, it’s what saw with my own eyes all these 40 plus years! The man is not a man, he is an angel! He is a ‘Malach Hashem’, who can stand 16 hours without moving for Shmona Esrei. Who knows what people are thinking, I always ask him questions in my mind and he turns around and answers me! And much more miracles which I promised the Rav I will never speak about. You need to understand it will take 10 hours straight for me to relate stories that I saw with my own eyes.

He is almost 80 and they say about him these things?! (laughs), it’s funny! A person paid money to women to speak about him!

And the Rav said even before this happened that there are terrible heavenly decrees against the Jewish Nation and if there is a Tzadik which takes upon himself the disgrace of a libel about adultery he will cancel the decree! He took upon himself the disgrace! And this terrible exile!

Gedolei Tzaddikim, many that I am connected with say about him that the Rav is atoning for the entire generation.

So what could we do, there are people who believe the media that an 80-year-old person (laughs) it’s insane!

Kol Berama:

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He is attoning for the sins of the generation but people need to know that he is literally in a life threatening situation at present

Rav Arush:

Mamash! Certainly! Literally! We must get up and do! He is in a life threatening situation right now!

He is in prison. Even the prisoners are saying that he is an angel of G-d. He only studies Torah and prays all day! He barely eats!

As far as sleep is concerned I was his shamash so I know he never sleeps. I used to be with him every Thursday night we would be together the whole night, he would give a shiur until the morning, in the morning we would daven, then he would beg me to come to him for Shabbos, the entire Shabbos I saw he didn’t sleep a drop. This is an angel of G-d! What I saw with my own eyes we can write books…

Kol Berama:

What can or should be done that has not been done?

Rav Arush:

We must get up and demonstate!!! To stand in front of the South African Consulate to bring politicians and public figures that will stand and declare “Whats going on here!? What are you holding him for?! What are you doing to him?!”

Kol Berama:

Is the problem with the South African Government or is it a problem here in with the Israeli Government?

Rav Arush:

Also here in Israel that they believe the rumors without checking, without checking the depths of it. Maybe here they received bribes, they should investigate! The torah says that it is forbidden to believe a lone witness, it’s forbidden! One person gets up and says a story and everyone believes him! This is forbidden! There are no two witnesses there is nothing!

Kol Berama:

Rabbi, in reality the situation here is extremely distressing, it is not in any way appropriate that someone like Rav Berland is sitting for almost a month in a jail cell under terrible conditions. It is known that the Jurisdiction system in South Africa is corrupt, it’s completely run by bribery, and external interests, and maybe people who are really able to do something to help this situation right now should get involved immediately. Except for Rav Grossman who went now to help him no one is screaming to the heavens, no one is entering the depth of this spider web.

Rav Arush:

Yes! Literally, and who knows what kind of heavenly judgement is hanging over Am Yisrael due to the way they are dealing with the situation, that this Great awesome Tzadik is sitting in jail and no one is opening their mouths! I thank you that you gave me time to speak today to wake up the Nation! This thing cannot go on! This is a huge heavenly judgment on Am Yisrael!!! I spoke to people in South Africa and I asked them “What is going on with you people?! What has this person done wrong to you?! All he does is learn and teach Torah, pray, serve Hashem… What has he done to you?!”

Kol Berama:

Are you disappointed from the South African community, especially the religious, in the way they are handling the situation?

Rav Arush:

Certainly! Certainly! Certainly! Yes! Yes! I said this! Certainly!

Woe to us! Woe to us! We must see how to do something, to fly to South Africa, to speak with people… And also each person privately should cry out to Hashem… And to protest this terrible disgrace.

We call to people to help, whoever can help in any way possible, they should come and do whatever they can. Whoever does will be blessed, Hashem will guard him, will watch him, will make him successful…

We should be zoche that the Rav should lead Am Yisrael, and merit to see his redemption together with the redemption of all Am Yisrael. Amen.

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