The Holy Sigh — Rebbe Nachman Sichos HaRan 135

Watch the recorded class on Sichos Haran 135 in which Rebbe Nachman speaks about the holy sigh.

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Topic: Rebbe Nachman — The Holy Sigh — Sichos HaRan 135

Audio Recording:

      The Holy Sigh - Yissachar Berg

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Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom, Chapter 135

The Rebbe once spoke to a man who was very far from G-d.  He told him that he could help himself by sighing and groaning.

The Rebbe then revealed a lesson on the verse (Eccl. 8:14), “There is an emptiness to what is done on the earth.”  “Emptiness” is Hevel, which also means a breath or exhalation.

When you sigh and groan with desire to return to G-d, this exhaling (Hevel) breaks the rope (Chevel) of spiritual impurity that binds you and holds you back.  You can then be bound up with the Holy.

In a number of later lessons, the Rebbe again explained how precious is a person’s sigh.

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