‘Tel Aviv will be destroyed’

Rav Aharon Stern, shlita, speaking at a Shuvu Banim gathering


Rabbi Aharon Stern, shlita, is the head of the ‘Ziv Yehuda’ Torah institution, and the son of the famous kabbalist from Bnei Brak, Rav Dovid Chaim Stern, shlita. He recently came to share some words of chizzuk (strengthening) and encouragement with Rav Berland’s community, at the request of his father who is currently unwell.

These are the holy words of Rav Aharon Stern, shlita:

“[We stand] here, in the midst of flames of fire [i.e. burning enthusiasm for Hashem and His Torah], in the place of Moranu (our teacher) Rav Berland, shlita, who Hashem should only send health, length of days and every good thing,” began Rav Stern.

“It should be Hashem’s will that Moranu the Rav, shlita, should be sent steadfast good health from all the holy words he’s giving over, and that the Rav should merit to run with both his legs in the direction of Moshiach Tzidkaynu, together with all of us.

“Chazal teach that in the time to come (i.e the end of days) truth will be absent, it will be completely lacking and absent in all sorts of ways, and that every [lie] will be called ‘the truth’. I want to tell you something about my teacher, Rabbi [Yehuda Zev] Leibowitz[1], z”tl, who once decided to go to sleep when it was time for the Kol Nidrei prayer service on Yom Kippur, instead of going to pray in the synagogue.


“Afterwards, he revealed to us that there had been a decree in Heaven on the Jews because so many of them were going to sleep on Kol Nidrei instead of going to synagogue. ‘So, I decided to also go to sleep,’ said Rav Zev Leibowitz, ‘so in shemayim they cancelled the decree.’[2]

“We can see that the Tzaddik is doing something, but we don’t really understand that whole picture of what’s really going on with the Tzaddikim. We really have no idea about what their actions are doing. But, every act done by the Tzaddik is being done to sweeten the judgments on behalf of Am Yisrael.

“The Rav once said to me: ‘If you could see what I see, it would completely blow your mind.’ I’m telling you, o holy community, that Hashem has put me into all sorts of interesting circumstances, and that so many Jews have told me their troubles that my heart weeps from hearing it all,” continued Rav Aharon Stern.

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“When I first came to Rav Leibowit, z”tl, to care for him, I said to myself: ‘What are all these weird actions and different types of behavior?!’ Once, I was thinking to myself about why the Tzaddik was conducting himself in ways which meant that sometimes, it appeared as though he was doing things that were contrary to the halacha. [But I didn’t speak this thought aloud].

“Then, Rav Leibowitz raised his eyes from his Gemara and said to me: ‘Aharon, did you know Rebbe Aharon of Belz?’ I told him that no I didn’t, because he died before I was even born. Rav Leibowitz continued: ‘Do you know, that he used to show up five minutes before mincha (the afternoon prayers) and only then start praying shacharit (the morning prayers)? How can this be? But did anyone speak out against him? The Lelover Rebbe used to show up on motzae Shabbat, and begin shacharit – did anyone speak out against him? Rav Shach didn’t give in to anyone whose halacha he didn’t agree with. So why didn’t he come out against the Admor of Lelov?!’

“The answer to Rav Leibowitz’s question is that there is a law and there is a decree, and that no-one can ‘bypass’ a law, because laws have no explanation. But there are Tzaddikim who come from the aspect of ‘law’, so the idea is that there is no-one who can come out against them. And even if someone wanted to come out against them, they don’t have the strength or the ability to do so.


Moranu Rav Berland is a Tzaddik who comes from the aspect of ‘law’, and no-one can touch him. Our Rabbi is holy and awesome, and all of his behavior – even if it seems to us by the strangest it could be – in truth, it’s all for our own sake, because he’s taking our illnesses upon himself, and he’s suffering for our sake.”

Rav Aharon Stern continued:

“My saintly father [the kabbalist Rav Dovid Chaim Stern, shlita], who arranged for this evening, with the agreement of Moranu Rav Berland, shlita, visited Rav Berland around two months’ ago, and Rav Berland asked him: ‘Esteemed Rav, I know that you’re taking pills for an urinary tract infection, but please stop now, as I’m taking that upon myself.’ And my father stopped [taking the pills]! Who told the Rav [about my father’s illness]? How did he know?!


“We are currently in a period of time similar to that which occurred before the holocaust, but in reality we have nothing to fear, inasmuch as we are sheltered under the tallit (prayer shawl) of Moranu Rav Berland, shlita.

“But even so, I’m coming to warn you. As Rav Shach, z”tl, once said, who can promise you that another holocaust won’t happen? I experienced the awesome gathering that occurred [behind the scenes] during the second Gulf War, when the Tzaddikim gathered together. The tzaddik Rabbi Avraham, z”tl, and the holy Rav Kopolovitz, z”tl, together with my master and father Rav Stern, shlita, came to Rav Leibowitz, z”tl, and told him ‘come, let us turn this war into the war [before the coming] of Moshiach!’

“Rav Leibowitz, z”tl, asked them: ‘Were you in the holocaust?! What are you talking about! Did you see the world shake?! I saw the world shake! I won’t let the Moshiach come if it will involve even a single hair on a Jewish head being harmed.’”


Rav Stern continued:

“It gives me great sorrow that my father is so ill that he can’t come to this gathering himself, and that the Samech Mem (dark side forces) are preventing the Tzaddikim from meeting. But when I came here, I met Moranu Rav Berland, shlita, and he said to me:

‘Rav Stern, don’t worry! Everything is on my shoulders. From the 25th of Elul, motzae Shabbat, (September 16, 2017), you’re going to see the beginning of the salvation of Am Yisrael!’

“I ask you, where else can you find a rebbe like this?

“I’d like to request just one on thing: that we should have achdut (unity) and love between us, which will bring us the geula (redemption). Before his death, Rav Leibowitz ordered me to make the following announcement about America, so I repeat this every opportunity I get. He told me that the anti-Semitism in the United States is only going to continue to grow, until it gets to the point where the Jews will be forced to flee. We can also see how the forces of nature are going crazy there, and this is because we see how the people there are overturning everything, and no longer know who is their abba and who is their ima….

“The same is true in Tel Aviv, which is why Rav Leibowitz told me:

‘You should know, Tel Aviv will be destroyed.’

Moranu Rav Berland, shlita, is fighting against the head of the snake, in direct combat. Rav Berland is gouging out its eyes, and he’s taking upon himself all our troubles. I heard from my teacher and father, shlita, who told me: ‘I’m scared… I don’t know how Rav Berland is doing this! There is no other rabbi in Israel, there is no other rosh yeshiva in Israel, there is no other rebbe or admor in Israel who knows how Rav Berland, shlita, is able to fight this war, and to fight against the head of the snake itself,” concluded Rav Aharon Stern.


(23 mins)

[1] Rav Yehuda Zev Leibowitz, z”tl was a hidden Tzaddik who died just a few short years’ ago, and was rumored to be the head of the ‘Lamed Vav’ Tzaddikim in whose merit the world is sustained. He’s buried in Bnei Brak.

[2] Presumably because once such a holy Tzaddik also went to sleep on Kol Nidrei, the accusing angels could no longer claim it was such a terrible thing for the rest of Am Yisrael to be doing.

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