The bris of the miracle baby

Rav Berland at the brit of the miracle baby
Rav Berland with his community


A few days’ ago, we brought you the story of The Miracle Baby, where an avreich (Torah student) from Bat Yam had a baby boy, after years of trying, on exactly the day of the month predicted by Rav Berland in Holland, over two years’ ago.

The story was told by Nachman (Baruch) Sagiv, who witnessed first-hand the Rav’s blessing in Holland, and who concluded that we should all merit to be with the Rav, shlita, together at the brit.

The brit happened a couple of days’ ago at Rav Berland’s home in Jerusalem, with the Rav officiating, and a little while afterwards, the baby’s father called the Breslov Information Line to share the following words:

(Translated from the original Hebrew:)

“We’d been married for more than ten years, and all that time, we desperately hoped that we’d have a son, a ben zachor. In the meantime, we had three girls, but from the moment I got married I was waiting for the moment when I’d have a son.

“When Moranu (our teacher) Rav Berland, shlita, was in exile in Holland, our friends Pinchas and Nachman Sagiv went out to visit him there. I soon as I heard that, I was very anxious that I should also get a blessing, so me and my friend Aharon, who doesn’t have any children, asked them to mention us to the Rav, shlita, and asked him to give us a bracha.

Nachman (Baruch) Segev, at the bris

“All my friends were standing by the telephone in the Chatzot (midnight) kollel, when my friend Pinchas called from Holland, with the Rav was standing next to him. When the Rav gave me a bracha, he said these exact words: “Ben zachor on the 10th of Sivan”.

“A few minutes after the conversation finished, I came into the room, and my friends all told me what had just happened. Immediately, I believed in my heart that the blessing from Rav Berland would happen, shlita. It’s true I didn’t know exactly how things would play out, but I knew that something would come about as a result of receiving the bracha from the Tzaddik.

“The 10th of Sivan rolled around, and to our great joy the blessing of the Tzaddik happened in its entirety, exactly as he said – my wife gave birth to a son, a ben zachor. And that’s not all: For each of my wife’s three previous pregnancies, she gave birth in the 40th week. If this had happened with this pregnancy, two, the baby would have been born two weeks ago.

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“But the 40th week rolled around – and nothing. We had to wait an extra two weeks, until my wife suddenly went into labor [on the 10th Sivan].

“When I told Rav Berland, shlita, how his bracha had been completely fulfilled, he responded: ‘Wow, what miracles Hashem is doing!’

“We truly merited to great things. What a Rav we have, who only walks in the paths of simplicity and innocence.”

You can hear the interview for yourself (in the original Hebrew) by calling:

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