The Difference Between the Holiness of Moshe and the Holiness of Nadav and Avihu – Daily Chizzuk by R’ Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Chizzuk by our Rebbe, the Gaon and Tzaddik, Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a – Why do people err about the holiness of the Tzaddik

Thursday, 23 Chesvan 5783 – The song of the Levites would return the soul to people

These are his holy words:

“All the best of your oil (yitzhar)” (Bamidbar 18:12), because Korach was the son of Yitzhar (Bamidbar 16:1).

Korach was greater than Moshe.  It’s written that Moshe would say that Nadav and Avihu were greater than him.  Nadav and Avihu knew that they were greater than Moshe.  They had aspects that Moshe didn’t have.

The Ari explains that they were in the revealed [aspect] – the Tzaddik is in the hidden [aspect].

The Kohen is oil – he is oil and the Levites are wine.  The Levites were in the revealed [aspect], singing.  People were made drunk from the song of the Levites.

It’s written that Hugras ben Levi [a Levite conductor, who was one of the 15 appointed officials in the Temple] would give out a shriek, he would sing, [and] everyone would fly backwards, so great was their excitement, so much that they couldn’t stand in the face of this.

It was such that the song of the Levites would drunken the senses.  People would come completely broken.  A person would accidently violate Shabbat, accidently would tilt the lamp, accidently would turn on electricity.  Then he would have to bring a sacrifice.

If he forgot that it’s Shabbat and light the candle, then he would have to bring a sacrifice.  The Temple will be built, and we will need to bring sheep and a sin offering.

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