The Kabbalist Rabbi Gamiel Rabinowitz — Why the Tragedies Affected Mostly Men

Rav Gamliel Rabinowitz

The tzaddik and kabbalist Rabbi Gamliel Rabinowitz shlit”a explains the reason that mainly men were harmed in the recent tragedies.

“The entire public, I want the entire world to hear this, gedoley Yisrael will see this.  We received three blows: 1. Corona, 2. [The tragedy in Meron on] La”g B’Omer 3. Shavuos [in which bleachers collapsed in Givat Ze’ev]

“In all of these blows, there were no women, only men.  Not many women died of Corona; mainly men died.  At La”g B’Omer only men died.  At Shavuos, only men were injured, not women.  What’s happening here?

“Gedoley Yisrael told me to publicize this — all the strife that there is between [different] groups, only men make it.  The women don’t make strife.

“In every place, the strife is only between men.  Therefore, they didn’t have the merit, but the women, who guard [themselves] from strife, and don’t take part in this — they had merit and were saved from this evil decree.

“I didn’t say that because of the strife they were culpable;  God always takes from the tzaddikim, so that everyone will learn.  But we ourselves see that only men suffered from this and not women, because the men are involved in every controversy.

“A person needs to know that this is a message from Heaven, that we need to do away with strife — God didn’t find a vessel that holds blessing like peace.  If people break this [vessel] then all the blessing that you have goes out.

“One needs to be very careful and stand on the side — not to become involved in strife.  Strife is fire, it burns — this is a lesson that one needs to learn.”

The video (in Hebrew)

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