The Secret of Tamar which is the Secret of Ruth, the Root of the Kingdom of David and of Mordechai the Jew – Daily Ma’amar

The Daily Ma’amar by our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, courtesy of the “Hashem Hu HaElokim” leaflet:

Mordechai the Jew 40

Tamar, who merited the everything arav [was pleasant or, alternatively, acted as a guarantor] 272 for her

merited that her mind (mo’ach) 48 [arav plus mo’ach=Shach 320] was opened for her, the Fiftieth Gate,

and she acquired PaR 280 judgments

=640 = Tamar.

And she sweetened everything, and turned everything to great mercy, and immediately revealed the field of Boaz, as it is written in Torah 65 (Likutey Moharan): “Do not go to gather in another field, and also do not leave here.  Keep your eyes on the field which they are harvesting and follow after them.  I have ordered the servants not to touch you.  Should you become thirsty, go to the jugs and drink from that which the servants have drawn” (Ruth 2:8-9).

1] Know, that there is a field, and very beautiful and pleasant trees and grasses grow there, and the great preciousness and beauty of this field and what grows [in it] are impossible to describe – fortunate is the eye which has seen all this.  And the trees and grasses are an aspect of holy souls which grow there, and there are many naked souls that are roaming and wandering outside of the field and are waiting and hoping for rectification, so that they will be able to return and enter their place, and even a great soul on which many souls depend, sometimes, when it goes out of its place, it is difficult for it to return there.  And they are all asking and hoping for the “Master of the Field,” who will be able to involve himself in the needs of the field.

And there is a soul, whose rectification is through the death of someone or through the mitzvah or Divine service of someone.  And one who wants to gird his loins and take onto himself being the “Master of the Field” needs to be deliberate and firm, a mighty warrior and wise, and a very great tzaddik, for he needs to be a great person and on an exceptionally great spiritual level.  And there is one who cannot finish the task except through his death, and even for this he needs to be very great, because there are many, many great individuals that even their death would be of no avail.  Only if there is a great person on a very, very exceptionally spiritual level can he finish what is needed in his lifetime, because much suffering and hardship happen to him, and only through his greatness and spiritual level he overcomes everything, and he tends to the field as is needed.

And when he merits to rectify the souls and bring them in, then it is good and proper to pray, because then prayer is rectified.

And this “Master of the Field” looks after and labors constantly to water the trees and to grow them and [tends to] the other rectifications of the field, and to distance the trees from one another a fitting distance, so that one will not overshadow his fellow, because sometimes it is necessary to act very distant to a very close follower, so that he will not overshadow his fellow.

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