The Secret of the Leviathan – Daily Ma’amar by Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

Why did only Iyov (Job) merit to the secret of the Leviathan?  What’s the connection between dancing and the suffering which Iyov accepted onto himself?

The Daily Ma’amar of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, courtesy of the “Hashem Hu HaElokim” leaflet:

Hashem revealed to Iyov the secret of the Leviathan – the Fiftieth Gate.  Only to Iyov did He reveal it, because he was a reincarnation of Yuval the son of Lemech, the seventh generation from Kayin, because Lemech murdered Kayin, and Tuval Kayin aimed his hand on the bow, because every shot of Lemech was precise.

Because Iyov in A”L B”M [one of the ciphers for exchanging letters] alef=lamed, [so] “Iyov” comes out from “Yuval” – Lamed is switched with Alef.  And Iyov came to rectify the soul of Terach, and Yuval, who was the seventh generation from Kayin, merited that he was reincarnated in Iyov and was killed.

And this is the secret of “If Kayin suffered vengeance at seven [generations], then Lemech at seventy-seven” (Bereishit 4:24), that Lemech took the vengeance of Kayin who killed Hevel, that he [Lemech] killed him [Kayin] in one shot by accident.  Because it is written of Kayin (ibid 15), “Hashem placed a sign upon Kayin” – this was a horn, and Lemech thought that this was a ram or a gazelle.

Because about the eyes of the Leviathan, Rabbi Yehoshua said: “A great light I saw at sea.”  Rabbi Eliezer said to him: “Perhaps the eyes of the Leviathan you saw, as it says ‘and his eyes are like the glitter of the dawn’” [Iyov 41:10].  That about this, it is said (Yeshaya 33:20): “Your eyes will see Jerusalem, the tranquil abode” – the secret of Atika Kadisha (The Holy Ancient One) [Pirka Tinyana, Sifra D’Tzniuta].

Because Jerusalem is the secret of the Keter (Crown) which is called “Ayin – nothingness,” and the secret of “Sha’anan – angels” – “God’s entourage is twice ten thousand, thousands of angels” (Tehilim 68:18) – that you subtract 2,000 from 20,000 thousands of angels [and] you get 18,000, that they are the 18,000 who went to the feast of Achashverosh, and therefore, a decree was passed on them to be killed and annihilated on 13 Adar.

And it is not written “your eyes” – it is written “your eye,” because Jerusalem is a single eye of Atika that is totally mercy, because 18,000 angels are defending Jerusalem, that they are standing against all the angels of the nations of the world, that the 18,000 angels will pour down blood, fire, and billows of smoke upon all the angels of the nations of the world who will come to conquer Jerusalem.

Because Jerusalem is in the mystery of the ears of Hashem, the secret of Leviathan, that Hashem says to Iyov (Iyov 40:27): “Will he beset you with entreaties, or speak ingratiatingly to you?”  Because Jerusalem is the secret of “I am Hashem, this is My name, and I will not give My glory to another. I put to death and bring to life, I struck down and I will heal, and there is no rescuer from My hand” [Yeshayahu 42:8, Devarim 32:39 from HaAzinu].

“For I will raise up to heaven My hand, and say, ‘I live forever.  If I sharpen My flashing sword and My hand grasps judgment, I shall return vengeance upon My enemies and upon those that hate Me shall I bring retribution.  I shall intoxicate My arrows with blood and My sword shall devour flesh, because of the blood of corpse and captive, because of the earliest depredations of the enemy.’”  Because Iyov asked Hashem: Perhaps Iyov was switched for You with Oyev (enemy)?!  “Hashem responded to Iyov from the whirlwind (sea’rah)” – Hashem said to Iyov: Between hair (se’arah) and hair will not be switched for Me; would Oyev and Iyov be switched?!

Therefore, “O nations – sing the praises of His people, for He will avenge the blood of His servants; He will bring retribution upon His foes, and He will appease His Land and His people,” because Iyov was a reincarnation of Yuval, the son of Adah “the father of all those who grasp the harp and flute,” and his [Iyov’s] seven sons are seven generations which descended from Kayin: Chanoch, Irad, Mechu’yael, Metusha’el, Lemech, Yuval, and with Kayin this is seven generations.

And his three daughters are Adah, Tzilah, the wives of Lemech, and Na’amah the daughter of Lemech.  That all of them were liable to an unnatural death, and therefore the house collapsed on them.  And their rectification needed to be only through Iyov making song on a harp and flute, and to rectify the sin of Yuval who played 900 years on harp and flute to idolatry.

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But Iyov did not understand that his whole rectification was only through songs on harp and flute, and therefore he said “My harp has turned for mourning and my flute to the sound of weepers” (Iyov 30:31).

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