The Wondrous Tikkun which Rav Berland Revealed Makes Impact in the World – “Selected Chapters” –Part 3

Selected Chapters

More phenomenal words regarding the “Perakim Nevcharim” – the “Selected Chapters” – which our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a revealed.  Rav Mordechai returns to us with new revelations in Part 3 of the series regarding the “Selected Chapters” 

“New revelations about the ‘Selected Chapters,’ the third installment in the series.  41,000 copies of the ‘Selected Chapters’ have been distributed, Baruch Hashem.  From all over Israel and the world, people are acquiring them.  Now, a new edition of the Selected Chapters, framed with additional words of our Rebbe Rav Berland shlit”a – wondrous words.

“Two points which have been heard from our Rebbe Rav Berland shlit”a regarding the greatness of the chapters.  I heard this from one of the supervisors who’s always found by our Rebbe the Rav shlit”a.  The Rav told him that over the last period, he hasn’t stopped saying the Selected Chapters.  He says them all the time, and added that ‘in the the merit of the Selected Chapters, I was released from the prison in Ramla.’

“This was in the month of Adar, when he moved to an apartment and was freed from the terrible pit in Ramla.  These are words which the Rav said: ‘In the merit of the Selected Chapters, I was freed.’

“As is known, at prayer gatherings, people began saying the Selected Chapters after the recitation of seven Tikkun Clalli’s.  Up to 100 people would gather and recite the Selected Chapters.  There were prayer gatherings where they officially said them as a community – gatherings in Ramla, Jerusalem.

“Another thing which the Rav said: ‘The root of the Selected Chapters is in the Sefirah (Divine emanation) of Binah (understanding).  The Mother of all the Sefiros is the Sefirah of Binah – this is the heart.’  The Rav said that because the ‘Selected Chapters’ cause a person to have a broken heart, people immediately connect to the verses, in contrast to the Tikkun Clalli.  By the way, the Rav said that there is no replacement for the Tikkun Clalli.  One definitely must say it.  However, the ‘Selected Chapters’ remove from a person all the poison and rust from the mind, saving one from sin.  Therefore, the Rav said that the ‘Selected Chapters’ bring [a person] to a broken heart.  One feels the words.

“Anyone who reads the words ‘I’ve been forgotten from the heart like a dead person; I was like a lost vessel…’  We see these verses – this is mamash a war.  The Jewish people are going through a war with the evil inclination – a spiritual holocaust.  This is the great Tikkun which Rav Berland revealed.

“One who can, recite them at least once a day, mainly on Shabbos… [Regarding] one who can’t [say them] every day, the Rav said to recite them at least on Shabbos Kodesh.  The Rav said that this rectifies all of one’s reincarnations from the [time of] the sin of Adam HaRishon.  Therefore, the Rav said that their root is from Binah, which is Ema [Mother], and this works a fundamental remedy for the holiness in a person.

“Recently, word was spread according to which the Rav said to say the Tikkun Clalli seven times, and meant the Selected Chapters.  We have to clarify that this was referring to a specific reliable person who said that he dreamt that the Rav grasped the ‘Chapters’ and told him to distribute them in every place.  Then the Rav also said to say them seven times.

“Certainly, a person who merits to recite them seven times merits to a fundamental remedy for holiness, but these [the above words] weren’t things which the Rav said explicitly.  Explicitly, the Rav said to say seven times the Tikkun Clalli which Rebbe Nachman of Breslov revealed.

“One who can add the ‘Selected Chapters’ once a day, and one who can do more – these are wars.  This blows up the evil inclination – fortunate is he and his portion.

“Good advice: One who can say them on Shabbat in the time of favor, the holiest hours – many people report that this shattered their evil inclination.  Little by little, they feel a significant change from the standpoint of lusts, which abandon them [along with] all types of negative things.  Hashem should give us the merit to say them persistently.”

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