“The world is about to experience something similar to 9/11” – Rav Pinto

The world is about to experience another 9/11 – Rabbi Pinto

On Shabbat, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, who is currently residing as the Chief Rabbi of Morocco, experienced a very disturbing dream. Following the dream, he made the following recording for his gabbay (attendant) Rabbi Ophir, and asked him to publicize it widely.

We bring Rabbi Pinto’s holy words, below:

(You can hear the recording in the original Hebrew by going HERE.)


Please, tzaddik, you know that we are very careful about what we say. On Shabbat, I had a dream that was not simple, that there stands ready to be a big shock in the world, on the scale of the murder of Yitzchak Rabin, or September 11, on a very difficult scale, and difficult things which will happen to the enemies of Israel’.

Ophir, please, gather all of the yeshiva, all of them, all that you could, with very great encouragement.

In a few days, the world is going to experience a shock that will be remembered and recorded in the history of the world.

Write this down, Rabbi Ophir, and keep this recording. In just a few more days, the world is going to find itself before a difficult shock. Rabbi Ophir, strengthen everyone to sweeten the dinim (judgments)!


These are the holy words of Rabbi Pinto, and we pray that the tzaddikim will be able to sweeten whatever harsh judgment Rabbi Pinto can see forming, chas v’halila.


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