“They have decreed a death sentence against Rav Berland”

The State of Israel has decreed a death sentence against Rabbi Berland

One of the senior Rabbanim in Eretz Israel, who requested that we not publicize his name, came out with an unprecedented statement about the situation Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, currently finds himself in, and the barbaric treatment he’s receiving at the hands of the State of Israel.

We are pleased to share a translation of his words, below. You can read the original, in Hebrew, HERE, and also here a recording of the message.


“My brothers and fellow students of Rabbenu Moharan [Rebbe Nachman], students of Rabbi Berland, Hashem should always be with you!

I received a phone call, where it was told to me that they are treating Rav Berland in a fashion that is against his will. He is in a terrible distress. We will assume that what we’re being told is not totally accurate, but (I still know for certain) that Rabbi Berland, at his advanced age (over 83), and with all of his illnesses –

This is a despicable crime created by the SAtAn, that this Tzaddik was taken to prison!


Even real offenders who were caught doing awful things, much worse than these things they accuse the Rav of, were not treated in this way (i.e. how Rav Berland is being treated) – and even more so, that Rav Berland was imprisoned when he is innocent of committing any crime.

They release people for a thousand and one different reasons. And here there hasn’t even been a trial yet.


But all of us silent, we aren’t doing anything.

Wake up sleepers, from your sleep, and cut short your slumbering!

We need to go out in the streets in thousands and myriads, and cry out to Hashem, day after day, and to disrupt the whole functioning of the government in Israel.

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There needs to be giant protests, until Rav Berland is freed, because our lives depend on it.


I say it again. I don’t know at the moment who is taking care of these sorts of matters, I don’t say to do anything that is against the law, but if other groups in Eretz Yisrael have successfully managed to do things, so we don’t need to be afraid, or to scared of anyone.

We have to go out to the city streets, and disrupt day-to-day life, until they free Rabbi Berland.

There is no more despicable sin than this (i.e. imprisoning the Rav).

This is simply murder. The Israeli government, under the AUTHORITY of Netanyahu, have decreed a death sentence against Rav Berland, for [they know that] this Jew is not going to survive what they are doing to him.

The Israeli government have decreed a death sentence against Rav Berland, but we are going to rise up and cry out a cry that will be heard from one end of the world to the other.

It is our duty to rescue a persecuted man from his persecutors.


All those who are persecuting Rav Berland, their sin is too great to be borne; their end will be unbearable, until they descend to sheol hatachtit (the lowest reaches of hell).

It should be His will that we should merit to have the geula b’rachamim, with mercy, and that our rabbi, and our head will lead us to towards Moshiach Tzidkaynu, amen v’amen.


Why the Israeli Goverment is Scared of Rav Berland

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