Why the Tzaddik is delaying the geula

There’s a good reason why the Tzaddik is delaying the geula

There is currently so much turmoil in the world, where every day we see new rules and regulations transforming the usual way we live our lives. People are being locked down in their own homes, and being told they have to wear facemasks and to maintain ‘social distancing’, one from the other.

In light of all developments, so many people are now starting to talk about geula, and not just well-known rabbis, but also people who in the past would normally show little interest in the subject, or even actively try to run away from it.

We’ve reached a stage where it’s simply impossible to continuing ignoring the strong signals around the globe that something enormous is about to occur.

At the same time, in recent days it seems as though the intensity of the recent COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ is starting to wane, a little.

People are leaving their homes again, businesses are reopening. There’s a growing feeling that it’s at least possible that life could be returning back to some semblance of normal. Could this be what’s really happening? Or is something else occurring, under the surface?

The answer may be found in Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s commentary to Megillat Ruth, where the Rav explains why the Tzaddik is delaying the geula.


What follows is an excerpt of his holy words:

“Stay over tonight, and it will come to pass in the morning, that if he redeem you, well, let him redeem you, but if he does not wish to redeem you, I will redeem you, as the Lord lives; lie down until morning.” – Megillat Ruth, 3:13

“I will redeem you, as the Lord lives” – the kavana (spiritual intention) of this is that only I will redeem you, but on condition that you ‘lie down until morning’. I.e. that you wait patiently for the geula that is called ‘morning’, and don’t try to force the issue or hasten the hour, chas v’shalom.

Because, the geula has to come with rachamim, mercy, and it can’t be brought forward by even a single moment or second.

Because if we press the issue, the issue will ‘press back’. The geula could indeed come at this time (i.e. an earlier time), but it would come with harsh dinim (judgments) and cruel deaths, and rivers of blood that will flow all over the world.

For the war of Gog and Magog will be in the month of Cheshvan, the mazal of Scorpio. And so this is why Rehoboam told his people, that if you want to be redeemed in the month of Cheshvan, whose mazal is Scorpio… that hinted to the nation of Israel that if you are going to try to force the issue, the geula will come by way of scorpions.

And so, the Tzaddik is delaying the geula, so that everything will be accompanied with mercy, as it’s said: “With great mercy I will gather you in.” (Isaiah 54:7.)

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And why we say in each and every Shemoneh Esrei, ‘And return our eyes again to Tzion, in Your mercy.”


The current reality must break apart before the reality of Moshiach can be experienced


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