Words from the Tzaddik Parshat Bemidbar 5779

Rav Berland goes up to the Kotel

Words from the Tzaddik, Parshat Bemidbar, 5779

  • Every second there is a gezeira (decree) of the atomic bomb in the world, and by way of the prayers of the Rav, everything is being sweetened.

And we need to distribute as much as possible, another 200 [prayers], and another 200 [prayers], and these are the candles [that light] the Beit HaMikdash.

  • It’s a very big mitzvah to sharpen the intellect.

And what Rabbenu (Rebbe Nachman) said, that this is a mitzvah, this is the simple meaning of it. It’s forbidden for us to compare between mitzvahs, and only in shemayim (Heaven) they will tell us. And Rabbenu says that only the Tzaddikim know what true love is, that doesn’t depend upon something (i.e. unconditional love), and that what most people know is fake love.

  • The sleep of the Tzaddik is greater spiritually than his being awake.

And all the Tannaim and Amoraim are waiting in order to hear Torah from him. And the Tzaddik learns with Rabbi Akiva, whose flesh was combed with iron combs, and he waits to learn Torah from the living Tzaddik.

  • Whoever believes in me 80% I show him 20%.

And whoever believes in me 90% I show him 10%. And whoever believes in me 100% – I don’t show him anything.


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