You should be written in the book of the True Tzaddikim

E=mc2 and the Nations of the World


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Translated from Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s words in the Shivivei Or Newsletter #112, Parshat Ki Tavo, 5779


We should actually say, “you should be written in the book of the true Tzaddikim”.

It’s written in ‘Sha’ar Hakavanot’ in the laws of Rosh Hashana that we say, “you should be written and sealed for a good life”. We should actually say, “you should be written in the book of the true Tzaddikim”.

However, even if a person is written in the book of the true Tzaddikim, unless all of Am Yisrael are also sealed, then it’s nothing, it doesn’t help at all. Because suddenly they’ll throw an atomic bomb – it’s true that there are ten Tzaddikim here – but if an atomic bomb falls who’s to say it will fall in the sea?

Let’s go back to our question, that “the gods of Moav will be gripped with trembling (ra’ad)”.

‘Ra’ad’ is the connection of Rachel to Leah. ‘Eder’ [the same letters as ‘ra’ad’], ‘Migdal Eder’, is the connection of Rachel to Leah.


It’s written that Rabbi Eliezer the son of Rabbi Shimon came from Migdal Eder (Ta’anit, 20(a)).

He saw a very ugly man, and he said to him why are you so ugly? He replied, go to your creator and tell him, ask him [why did He create such an ugly creature].

Rabbi Yehoshua ben Chanania was the most ugly in the world. It’s also written there in Ta’anit (7a) that the daughter of the Caesar asked him why he was so ugly. So, he said to her, where do you put your wine? In a pottery vessel? Put it in a gold vessel. Immediately, it went bad, immediately it went sour. Air doesn’t get into a gold vessel, air does get into a pottery vessel.

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So, she said to him, but all the Torah scholars have such shining faces [so why did you say that Torah is only fitting for someone who is ugly]? He said to her, right, but if they were ugly like me, they would be more wise. The more ugly a person is, the less shining his face is, so too he merits being more wise. He merits more that Hashem shines his wisdom into him.

The more a person has suffering, the more Hashem shines his wisdom into him.


In Sichot HaRan 225 the Rebbe (Rabbenu) says, that it’s impossible to understand the Etz Chaim[4] because the Etz Chaim is not written in order.

The Etz Chaim was written from scrolls which they found in the grave of Rabbi Chaim Vital. It was from these, that the Etz Chaim was written. He had a student, called Rabbi Yehoshua ben Nun, who also collected scrolls. Rabbi Yehoshua ben Nun was very rich, so he asked 600 scribes to write 600 scrolls, each copy took three days, this was the scroll that was in the home of Rabbi Chaim Vital.

Apart from this, they opened his grave, because Rabbi Chaim Vital said to bury him with all the scrolls – it’s said that they made a ‘sha’aylat chalom’ (a request in a dream), they said a name [of Hashem], and they opened his grave and took out all the scrolls from his grave.

It turns out that the Etz Chaim is not written in order.

It was written over two or three periods, it was sealed. A person needs to learn it all from beginning to end in order to understand it, so that he can put it in order in his mind.

But, today, the work (service of G-d) is simplicity, it’s not to learn the Etz Chaim, it’s to say the prayers word by word.

This is the hard work – that we start at 5:20 and we finish today at 7:00, to say word by word the entire prayers, this is the hardest work of all the work (service of G-d), because there there’s no brainpower, but the letters are the vessels for the light of ein sof, the letters of the prayers, it all comes through ‘sod’ (hidden/secret), the prayers that they cry in tehillim, it’s through ‘sod’, ‘sod’…


I heard something amazing and astounding, that there’s a custom in Shuvu Banim on Shabbat night (in Kabbalat Shabbat) to say the prayers that the oxen sang[5], they say the prayers that the oxen sang, “yoshev hakeruvim”, these are the keruvim (angels) of the Aron Hakodesh that came back, “and the oxen sang”.

They sang all the songs of Shabbat, and I don’t know where this custom came from that Shuvu Banim would sign songs sung by oxen?? That oxen created??

All the composers were reincarnations of these oxen, that created such symphonies and such works, really.

This all happened in the time of Rabbenu. Beethoven was in the time of Rabbenu, Motzart – he died in 1791, he was born in 1756, in 1786 he was 30 years old, because they were all in the time of Rabbenu, all of them. They [the composers] had four works in their head at one time, with all the instruments too, this was all running around their head. Beethoven was deaf, he lived until 60, and from the age of 25 he was deaf, in the last 10 years of his life he was completely deaf.


Recently, I was by someone, he asked me how someone can create so many works, he says that they were running around their head. He [Beethoven] didn’t even need to hear, he says that he couldn’t hear anything, and in his head they were running, the whole time melodies were running around his head, symphonies, compositions, works which were unbelievable, which were never before heard in the world.

All this came about because the Rebbe (Rabbenu) opened up the world of melody.

The Rebbe was after the Ba’al Shem Tov. The Ba’al Shem Tov revealed prayers with melody, until the Ba’al Shem Tov there wasn’t any prayers with melodies.



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  1. Hilula Rabbi Chaim Vital HaQadoch Zekher Tzadik Kadoch Livracha, 1st day of Roch Chodesh Iyar, 30 Nissan.

    Dans le Sichot HaRan 225 le Rebbe (Rabbenu) dit, que c’est impossible de comprendre le Etz Chaim car le Etz Chaim n’est pas écrit dans l’ordre.

    Le Etz Chaim fut écrit de rouleaux qu’ils ont trouvés dans la tombe de Rabbi Chaim Vital. C’était de ceux-ci, que le Etz Chaim à été écrit. Il avait un étudiant, appelé Rabbi Yehoshua ben Nun, qui également collecté les rouleaux. Rabbi Yehoshua ben Nun était très riche, donc il demanda à 600 scribes d’écrire 600 rouleaux, chaque copie a pris trois jours, ceci était le rouleau qui était dans la maison de Rabbi Chaim Vital.

    Par ailleurs, ils ouvrirent la tombe, parce que Rabbi Chaim Vital disait de l’enterrer avec tous les rouleaux – c’est dit qu’ils firent une ‘sha’aylat chalom’ (une requête dans un rêve), ils disaient un nom [d’Hashem], et ils ouvrirent la tombe et sortirent tous les rouleaux de la tombe.

    Il s’avère que le Etz Chaim n’est pas écrit dans l’ordre.

    Il a été rédigé pendant deux à trois périodes, il a été scellé. Une personne a besoin de l’apprendre en entier du commencement à la fin, ainsi il peut le mettre dans l’ordre dans son esprit.

    Mais, aujourd’hui, la ‘Avodah (service de D.ieu) est la simplicité, ce n’est pas d’apprendre le Etz Chaim, c’est de dire les prières mot à mot.

    C’est le dure travail – que nous commençons à 5:20 et nous finissons aujourd’hui à 7:00, pour dire mot à mot les prières entières, ceci est le plus dure travail de toute la ‘Avodat Hashem (service de D.ieu), parce que là il n’y a pas d’intelligence (force de l’esprit), mais les lettres sont les récipients pour la lumière de l’ein sof, les lettres des prières, elle vient tout par le ‘sod’ (caché/secret), les prières qu’ils crient dans les Tehillim, c’est à travers le ‘sod’, ‘sod’…


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