According to the size of the soul is the size of the yetzer hara

According to the size of the soul, that is also the size of the yetzer hara

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The yetzer hara doesn’t stay quiet for a moment!

According to the size of the soul, this is also the size of the yetzer hara. If a greater soul descends into a child, then a greater yetzer hara also lies in wait for him.

If a greater burning [for Hashem] descends into him, a burning, holy flame, so in opposition to this there will be a burning flame from the Sitra Achra (dark side), that will start to encircle him from all sides. And it will try to penetrate into the kodesh kodeshim (holy of holies) that is inside the heart, and inside the brain.

We believe, with complete emuna, that every youth is holy and pure.

He is fulfilling the words of the Zohar Hadash, and he is receiving a neshama of fire, with wings of fire. But against this, we know – that the baal davar (i.e. the yetzer hara / the satan) is never quiet. Also here, the baal davar proclaims a war.

On the same day that he becomes bar mitzvah, the baal dvar also proclaims a war. And then he sets out in front of the barmitzvah boy challenges that he never before encountered in his life.

All sorts of different yetzers, that he never knew of before, in his whole life.


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