All the Jews in the diaspora will come to Israel on ships – Rav Berland

All the Jews in Chul will return to Israel on ships

A new shiur from Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, that was given over from the prison where the Rav is still being held by the Israeli authorities, via telephone yesterday, April 1, 2020.

You can hear the Rav speaking in the original Hebrew by clicking HERE.


We are now in Parshat Tzav, the sixth aliya, now we are making teshuva.

“He slaughtered it, and Moses took some of its blood and placed it upon the middle part of Aaron’s right ear, upon the thumb of his right hand, and upon the big toe of his right foot.” (Vayikra 8:23)

They took the blood from the second ram and put on the middle part of Aaron’s right ear. [Speaking to the listener on the phone:] You have a big toe? You have a right hand, and a right ear? So, baruch Hashem, you have all three things, and you will be the Kohen HaGadol.

Aaron had four sons, two were subsequently burned. Altogether, Moshe did this to five people, Aaron and his four sons.


What is the inyan (matter) of the ear and the big toe?

There were the signs that Yaakov gave to Rachel. Rachel had five veils. Yaakov never once saw her face. So, it was possible to switch her, because she went with five veils. One veil was of yellow diamonds, one veil was of red diamonds, [another was of] blue diamonds….

In the old days, every veil used to be studded with a hundred diamonds.

(Rabbi Berland starts to sing the ‘song’ of the choshen (breastplate stones):

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Odem, pitdah, bareket etc*


Rachel was surrounded by fire.

All the Matriarchs were surrounded by fire. Rachel didn’t reveal the signs to Leah. She just told her that when she was under the chuppah, she should touch her ear and then her big toe, that this was the minhag (custom) of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov.

This was the minhag, and each person needs become acquainted with this minhag. And if she didn’t [do this], then Yaakov wouldn’t accept her.

In the Gemara, Tractate Nedarim, we learn that the [groom] needs to sanctify by saying “hari at mekudeshet li’ – behold, you are sanctified to me. If he doesn’t say li – to me – then she isn’t sanctified to him. Perhaps, she’s sanctified to her Abba (father) or her Imma (mother), but not to him. So, he has to say mekudeshet li to me.

Rachel was kodesh kodeshim (holy of holies). Rachel was the Shechinah.


“Thus said Hashem: Restrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears; for there is a reward for your action – the word of Hashem – and they will return from the enemy’s land.” (Jeremiah 31:15)

The action was that she gave up everything, that she gave Leah the signs. We need to give in on everything, in favor of our friend, in favor of our brother, in favor of the other person. To give up everything, only to be sure we won’t embarrass them…

Because Leah was also the Shechinah. Moshiach ben David will come from Leah, from Yehuda. From Rachel will come the Moshiach ben Yosef. Yosef will come, and will blow on the shofar tekiah, teruah, tekiah. And then, Heftziba will come, because Heftziba is more important than everything.


It’s written that Heftziba will go up to Har Nevo (Mt Nebo), and there on the peak of the mountain is the kever (burial place) of Moshe Rabbenu. There, there is a huge rock. There, Heftziba will blow the shofar, and this huge rock will split.

Then, she will see Moshe Rabbenu who will learn with her from shkia (halachic twilight) until the morning. At netz (sunrise), he will go with her to the Me’arat HaMachpela (the Cave of Patriarchs).

There, all the Patriarchs will blow the shofar, and at that moment, all of Am Yisrael will leave their homes, their abodes, and will board ships.

Then, all of the goyim (non-Jews) will see that millions of Jews are arriving, everyone will arrive to the Bat Yam beach, and the goyim will see that the Jews are coming from across the whole world.

And like this, Heftziba  will blow tekia, teruah, tekia. Afterwards, Moshe will blow [the shofar], and then afterwards the Patriarchs.

All of the Jews in the Diaspora will leave their homes and their businesses, and will board boats, and they will arrive within a week from every corner of the world.


Then, the Arabs will see that Eret Yisrael is only for the Jews, because today they already got 16 mandates (seats in the Knesset), they were brainwashed into thinking that Eretz Yisrael was only theirs.

They said that even Lapid and Gantz were too ‘rightwing’ for them, and they already wanted to give the Arabs everything, just like Rachel gave to Leah all the signs, they want to give the Arabs everything.

Because a Jew is all-giving, and they don’t know who to give to. So come, let’s give to an Arab who wants to kill you, and Nazis. The whole idea of the ovens came from the Mufti (Mohammed Amin Al Husseini). The Mufti went to Berlin and met with Hitler, and told him that he should make ovens.

In six years, we’ll burn six million Jews – what’s the problem?!


They wanted to eliminate the Jewish race.

They thought that it was possible to eliminate the Jewish race. But if there was no Am Yisrael, then Hashem would destroy the whole world. Why do we need the world? The nations just eat and drink, they don’t pray, they don’t put on tefillin, why do we need them at all?

Hashem only wants those who put on tefillin, only those who wake up for shacharit, and after that they pray mincha and ma’ariv. After that, there’s chatzot, after that Rabbenu (Rebbe Nachman of Breslov), and after that they come to Shuvu Banim.


The entire reason we came into the world is only in order to pray to God, it’s only for prayers.

And this is the tanuch, the inner ear, that they put blood on the right inner ear, so the Kohen HaGadol needs to listen like Rachel. Rachel listened to everything, she was kadosh kadoshim, she could fly in the air.

She knew the explicit name of Hashem, like Rivka, who could fly in the air. She flew from Haran to Har HaMoriah. There, she met with Yitzhak. They lived in Jerusalem, where Shuvu Banim live today. Rivka would fly in the air, all the Matriarchs would fly in the air. In the past, every child knew how to fly in the air. They would fly in the air from Tzippori.

The woman is more holy than the man, and more temima (pure and innocent), more believing. All the women from Tzippori used to fly in the air. There were five million in Tzippori, and a million women used to fly in the air. They used to pray shacharit with the dawn minyan at the Kotel, and then immediately fly in the air and return to Tzippori.


Because the women, because of their great temimut and emuna, used to fly in the air.

They used to fly to Jerusalem, and then return to Tzippori. Within two minutes, the children would be ready [for school], with sandwiches. This is how the children knew that their mothers were praying at the Kotel, in the Beit HaMikdash (Temple). Every mother was praying in the Beit HaMikdash.

They used to dream about it all day long, how could they get to pray at the Beit HaMikdash? And they would fly from Holon, from Bat Yam they used to fly. From every corner of Eretz Yisrael, they used to fly because of all the true passion they had to pray in the Beit HaMikdash.

Women can fly in the air, pray vatikin (with the dawn minyan) and then return to prepare the sandwiches for the children.

Within two minutes, the children would be downstairs, washed and dressed. Until the tender (school minibus) would come and collect them, they would finish all of Tehillim.

There’s nothing like this, we are meant to finish the whole of Tehillim every single day.

A person comes to the world to finish Tehillim. This is what Hashem created him for. Every night, Yaakov would finish Tehillim. He would go to the field, light a candle, and finish the whole of Tehillim. We learn all of this from the verse:

“He slaughtered it, and Moses took some of its blood and placed it upon the middle part of Aaron’s right ear, upon the thumb of his right hand, and upon the big toe of his right foot.”


After the blood was collected, they would mamash fly in the air.

Like in the desert, how do you go in the desert? They didn’t go on the earth. Underneath them, there was an anan (a cloud). They were such pure kadoshim (holy people) that it was forbidden for them to go on the earth. There was a cloud of glory above them, and underneath them, and another four on the sides, and another that went before them that flattened all the hills and the mountains for them.

It’s written that were snakes on the way, each snake measured around 12 metres. The snakes would bite them, as it’s written in Parshat Chukat, that they would say about the manna that it was bread of destruction, that you eat but nothing comes out.[1]

We learn all this from Parshat Tzav, that has 91 verses in it, which is yichud havaya adonot (a unification of Hashem’s ineffable name). Each child needs to see Hashem’s ineffable name in front of his eyes, to see Hashem eye-to-eye.

A person comes to the world to see Hashem eye-to-eye.



  • Rabbi Berland requested three weeks ago, when the Coronavirus pandemic began to spread into Israel and the rest of the world, that people should recite the 12 stones of the choshen 7 times, as follows:

אֹדֶם פִּטְדָה וּבָרֶקֶת נֹפֶךְ סַפִּיר, וְיָהֲלֹם לֶשֶׁם שְׁבוֹ, וְאַחְלָמָה תַּרְשִׁישׁ וְשֹׁהַם, וְיָשְׁפֵה

Odem, pitdah, baraket, nofech, sapir, yahalom, leshem, shvo, achlamah, tarshish, shoham and yashpeh.

[1] The manna was so pure, that it was totally absorbed by the body without any waste products that needed to be expelled.


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