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Prayer for chinuch yeladim in Hebrew

Download Prayers for Parnassa, Nekuda Tova and Chinuch

A few days ago, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, wrote a note asking Shuvu Banim to distribute his prayers to Jewish homes across the world.

Here on the website, we are trying to translate and transliterate some of the Rav’s simpler prayers for the English-speaking audience, so that our readers can download some of the Rav’s prayers straight from the website, and also download the Hebrew originals, to cut out and keep.

Today, we’re happy to share with you prayers on:

  • Shefa parnassa – plentiful cash
  • Chinuch yeledim – the welfare of our children
  • Nekuda tova – seeing the good within everything, and everyone.

We need you!

If you speak good Hebrew, and you would be willing to donate a little time every week to translating 2-3 of Rabbi Berland’s prayers, please do get in touch with us via the comments form below – we’d be very grateful for some help to get these prayers out there.

Before he was hospitalized, Rabbi Berland explained that a great deal depends on getting these prayers out to the wider Jewish world.

If you would like to see prayers on a particular subject or topic, please also leave a comment below, and we will do our best to find an appropriate prayer that can be translated for the English-speaking public.

In the meantime, here are this week’s prayers:


Shefa Parnassa Prayer side 1Shefa Parnassa Prayer Side 2

Ribonu shel olam, Master of the world, who can do anything, and from Whom nothing concealed, please send me bountiful parnassa!

As you promised Eliyahu HaNevi, may his memory be for the good, who was pure of eyes, and who learnt Torah day and night, as it’s written: “The kindle wasn’t extinguished at night”.

And let me merit to have the promise of: “The jug of flour did not run out and the flask of oil was not lacking.:

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And may I merit to: “Be bold as a leopard, light as an eagle, swift as a deer and mighty as a lion, to do the will of our Father in Heaven.”


Ribonu shel olam, kol yachol, asher lo yeebatzer mimcha mezima, shelach li shefa parnassa!

Kamo she’hivteeyach Eliyahu HaNavi, zachor le tov, she haya tahor eynayim, ve’lamad Torah yomam ve’lilah, kamo she’katoov: “Lo yikbeh be’lilah nera.”

Ve’ezkeh le’havtachat: “Kad ha’kemach lo kalta, ve’tzapachat ha’shemen lo haserr.” Ve’ezkeh le’hiot: “Az ka’namer, kal ka’nesher, ratz ka’tzvi, gibor ka’ari la’asot ratzone Avinu she be’Shemayim.”


Prayer for chinuch yeladim in Hebrew

Ribonu shel Olam, Master of the World, who can do anything.

Please infuse the soul of our awesome Rabbenu HaKadosh, Nachman ben Simcha ben Faigeh into my children, and that each one of my children should merit to be a Tzaddik, the foundation of the world.

And they should merit to fulfill the dictum that Yehuda ben Teima[1] said: “Be bold as a leopard, light as an eagle, swift as a deer and mighty as a lion, to do the will of our Father in Heaven.”

And that me, my husband and all my sons and daughters, and grandsons and grand-daughters until the end of the generations, should merit to the or haganuz of the days of Creation.


Ribonu shel olam, kol yachol, aver be’yeladi et etzem nishmat Rabbenu HaKadosh ve’hanora, Nachman ben Simcha ben Faigeh, ve’kol echad mi’banii yizkeh le’hiot Tzaddik Yesod Olam.

V’yizkeh lekayim ma’amar Yehuda ben Teima omer: :Havei az kanamer, kal ke’nesher, ratz k’tzvi, gibor ka’ari, la’asot ratson Avinu she be’Shemayim.”

Ve’ani ve’baali, ve’kol banii ve’benotai, nechadii ve’nechdotai, ad sof kol ha dorot, yizkeh le’ha or haganuz shel ma’aseh bereishit.

([1] Pirkei Avot 5, Mishna 20)


Good points prayer side 1Prayer to see the good points in Hebrew part 2Ribono shel olam, Master of the World, who can do everything. Please let me merit to be able to see the innate intelligence hidden inside every single thing, and to only see the good points in every single person.

Let me merit to fulfill the verses: “And you shall love your fellow as yourself, I am Hashem.” And, “You shall love Hashem, your God.”

And let me merit to guard the letter of the holy brit, and to be included amongst the true tzaddikim, for “tzaddikim are greater than the ministering angels.”.

And let me merit to teach Your people Torah and mitzvoth.


Ribono shel olam, kol yachol. Zakaney le’histakel be’seichel shel kol dvar ve’dvar. Ve’eerey rak nekudot tovot be’kol echad ve’echad.

Ve’ezkeh le’kayam “ve’ahavta le’rayach kamocha, ani Hashem.” “Ve’ahavta et Hashem Elokaycha.”

Ve’ezkeh le’shmirat ot brit kodesh, ve’lehiot min haTzaddikim ha’amiti’im, “ki Tzaddikim gadolim me’malachi ha’sharet.”

Ve’ezkeh le’lamed le’amcha Torah ve’mitzvot.

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  1. BH Can we get a YouTube video or an audio of someone reading the prayer in Hebrew. Especially the Tikkun HaKlali. Because when I read the transliteration I feel like I’m doing it so wrong. The only thing on YouTube right now of the tikkun includes background music and the person is singing. I just need a plain reading! To make sure my pronunciation is good!

  2. Dear צדיקים
    I would like to help with these translations of the Rav’s prayers ….bezrat haShem…

  3. Thank you so much for spreading the prayers of Rav Berland. Would it be possible to have a prayer to come and live in Erets Israel

  4. Hello, I’d like to help with translating/transliterating the prayers of Rav Berland. Please be in touch

  5. Dear readers, thank you so much for the positive response.

    We are working on finding suitable prayers for shalom bayit and moving to Israel.

    Leah and Avraham – we will be in touch shortly to discuss translating, tizku le’mitzvot, may Hashem bless you tremendously for your kindness in helping with this project.

  6. B”H
    I speak good Hebrew and good English, so I am willing to volunteer to translate some of the Rav’s prayers, for the good of Klal Yisrael.
    Whatever is difficult to translate, I live in New York, and there are Rabbonim who can help.


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