How to stop the rockets from Gaza

The letter of Rav Berland

How to stop the rockets from Gaza: Pray and Dance

Translated and adapted from Rav Eliezer Berland’s teaching in ‘Esh Moharan’.

Rabbi Natan tells us how it’s possible for a human being to be even more dangerous than a lion or snake. If Hashem is guarding you, then He’s also protecting you from lions and snakes – and human beings.

But, if chas v’shalom a person doesn’t have that protection for some reason – there’s some sort of harsh decree of death against him – then the lion is going to kill him, or the snake is going to kill him, or another human being is going to kill him. What’s the difference, if it’s a lion or a person who does it?

Hashem’s conditional agreements with the forces of nature

Rashi tells us in his commentary on the Book of Daniel, that already at the time when the world was created, Hashem already made a conditional agreement with the lions that they wouldn’t maul Daniel. He also stipulated at that time that the fire shouldn’t burn Hananya, Mishael and Azaria –

But He didn’t place any conditions on throwing stones or using weapons.

If a human being fires a weapon, Hashem didn’t place any conditions on this.

A person has to dance and to pray all by himself, that the stone won’t harm him, and that the rocket won’t hurt him. Hashem didn’t place any conditions on the stones that people throw, or the weapons that they use.

Hashem is behind everything

Rabbi Natan explains, what does this actually mean, that God didn’t place any conditions on human beings? When a person is standing in front of you, you get confused, but when you’re faced with a lion, you don’t get confused. When it’s a lion, you know it’s from Hashem, you know that Hashem is sending all this.

But when a person comes to you with all of his apikorsiut (heretical talk and ideas), and with all his chutzpah, and brazenness and stubbornness, this can really confuse the second person. When someone stands before you who wants to kill you, at the precise moment you lose your emuna.

And it’s precisely because you lose your emuna at that moment, that he is then able to kill you.

When it’s a lion, you don’t lose your emuna. When a person believes in God, then even if a lion would appear in front of him, he still wouldn’t lose his faith in Hashem. Lions don’t pull people away from their emuna. Only another person can pull someone else away from their faith.

This is the chiddush, the novel teaching of Rabbi Natan, which you won’t find written in any other book. This is explains why a human being is far more scary than a lion.

Why human beings are so dangerous

When a human being stands before you, with all his brazen stubbornness, and he wants to kill you – at that exact moment, he pulls you away from your belief in Hashem and this by itself is what enables him, in that instant, to actually kill you.

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This, Rabbi Natan explains, demonstrates the greatness of Moshe Rabbenu. He stood in front of an Egyptian executioner with a sword, and we saw that no weapon could overcome him – the opposite was true! His neck turned to marble. Moshe Rabbenu didn’t get confused for even a moment, because he knew that:

“Hashem, He is Elokim!”

Rabbi Natan says that whoever knows that “Hashem, He is Elokim!” then he will merit that his neck will also turn to marble.

When a person believes every single second that “Hashem, He is Elokim”, then he can walk between the Arabs through the Damascus Gate with no fear. He doesn’t come away from his emuna in Hashem for even a second, so no weapon can harm him – the opposite is true!

Their weapons will rebound upon themselves!

Moshe was the greatest of them all.

He knew that “Hashem, He is Elokim” even when the brought him to stand before the executioner’s sword, he still knew that “Hashem, He is Elokim, Hashem He is Elokim!”

This is like the story that was told [during World War II] when someone wanted to kill a Jew, and they stood him by the wall in order to shoot him. The Jew told his executioner, “you aren’t firing at me, Hashem is firing at me.” The man said: “Hashem?! I’m the one firing at you!” The Jew simply repeated: “It’s not you, it’s Hashem.” Ultimately, the man decided not to shoot the Jew.

The moment that a person has no confusion, the moment he has no doubt that if God wants to kill me, so He’ll kill me – nothing concerns him.

It’s all nothing, it’s all just a figment of the imagination. By doing this, Moshe was able to nullify the power of the sword to harm him, and he was saved from it.


Yesterday evening (May 5th, 2019) after Ma’ariv, Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, said the following:

“Now, we are going to Ashdod. We are going to the main City Square and we are going to say seven Tikkun Haklalis – and this will stop all of the rockets.”

This morning (May 6th, 2019), a cease-fire was reached with the Palestinians in Gaza and at least for now, all the rockets have been stopped.

Ashreynu, that we have a Tzaddik like this in our generation!

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  1. Bs”d
    words of eternal wisdom!
    We are all of us in this together.
    Blessed by TEHILIM and Hashem HIS Gvura to force them on us!
    Every JEW is precieus!
    I do not have whatsup or something like that, but i already wrote to Rivka.
    And i hope this message reach you!
    Please, please, use this moment now and unite with all the real Rabbi’s, and you know who they are!
    Please unite and lead us.
    If there are any REAL JEWS STILL out there in MITZRAIYM=USA and everywhere else, please unite and let them know that they must come now to ERETZ YISRAEL.
    They are getting guns in bet knesset during Shabbat now INSTEAD of MAKING ALIYAH!
    Please unite and ask us, here in ERETZ YISRAEL to PRAY as AM ECHAD for our brothers and sisters outside that they come! No better time then now!
    Before they dumb them down and kill them! Ch v SH>
    You know that A PRAYER IN ERETZ YISRAEL from any JEW go staright to ABBA!!!!
    Let us know, let us DO, let us PRAY! Its time!


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