It’s Forbidden to Leave Israel

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Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s remarks from July 9, 2019.


It’s forbidden to leave Israel even for a minute

Translated from a shiur given by Rabbi Eliezer Berland, the night of Rosh Chodesh Tammuz 5779

It’s forbidden to leave and go to chutz l’aretz (outside of Israel) for even a single second.

Every second that a person is in chul, he is transgressing an issur d’oraita (something forbidden directly from the Torah.)

And you will not return by the path that you came from, not to return to look at Mitzrayim (Egypt). Everything is called ‘Mitzrayim’! And it’s an issur d’oraita, every second that is spent in chul.

No prayer is accepted [there], no Torah ascends there.

A person prays – they don’t hear him. And so, this is why there was a shoah, because people lost their yearning to make aliya to Eretz Yisrael.

Up until the point where they still had this yearning, their prayers still ascended.

But the day when they said, “it’s good for me here, it’s actually amazing for me, here,” – as it’s written in the Gemara, Tractate Shabbat 147b, about the 10 Tribes. [The 10 Tribes] received places that were better than Eretz Yisrael, so they didn’t want to return.

Yirmiyahu went to bring them back, but they received such wonderful, good locations [to live in] that they said, we’re aren’t coming back. If they don’t return, there is no olam haba (world to come).

They lost everything.

From the Shivivei Or Newsletter, #101


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  1. Bs”d

    This is very interesting.
    I asked Hashem to do this, to give a very clear sign, that i am not overeacting by knowing if we go out, that’s it…
    I just wrote a post about, its mostly for myself to learn…when i write it, i remember and re-read…
    This keeps me to hold on all our HALACHOT and not to get sucked by the APICORISM that lures on every side by ‘well’ meaning Jews who do whavever they want but are shomer miztvot..
    A Jewish woman is de Halacha and when people speak about needing not to be here, or no need for the last seuda, we can learn instead, or getting just pea so the chilonim will not feel offended…
    thses are the moments that i go to find out.
    We have very clear HALACHOT. Hashem is very clear and straight with us.
    I needed to see the post above, right now, exactly like that!
    Thank you!
    I pray that JEWS that want to hold on only to EMET, the whole ORAH ORAITA, get strengtened by this post and do not give up, or give in by ‘well’ meaning others to let them go astray.
    Do not feel alone becuase you are not, there are more of us, that want to serve Hashem and only HIM just because!
    NAASE VE NISHMA, not more and not less.
    we must not give up!

  2. No prayer is accepted there? No Torah ascends there? Then what point is saying the Rav’s prayer for aliya? I have been saying it! I yearn for it! There are obstacles that are beyond my choice right now. With all the praying I do, what good does it do if my prayer won’t be accepted? Seems like a catch 22 to me. Please ask the Rav to pray for me, that is the only way I will ever get out of here with my family. Chaya Rochel bas Shulamis

    • The Rav wrote that:

      “Up until the point where they still had this yearning, their prayers still ascended.”

      From this we can infer that anyone who is truly yearning for Israel, that person’s prayers will still ascend.

  3. Bs”d

    i will also pray for you Chaya Rochel bas Shulamis, my grandmothers sister name was also Chaya!
    Do not give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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