Kabbalist Reveals Reason for 4th Intifada and Warns of Tragedy a 1000 Times Greater

Rabbi Amos Gweta
The Tzaddik Rabbi Amos Gweta of Netanya

Rabbi Chanan Vaknin, the gabai of Kollel Olga, in appearance on the radio program of Moshe Ben Lulu on Radio Kol Chai, reveals terrifying message from the elder Kabbalist, the Tzaddik Rabbi Amos Gweta shlit”a of Netanya.

“Shalom, good afternoon,” the broadcaster Moshe Ben Lulu of Radio Kol Chai addresses Rabbi Chanan Vaknin.

“Good afternoon, Rabbi Moshe.  We here in Hadera love hearing you.  You strengthen us, especially during this period.”

“Thank you.”

“Moshe.  I wanted to add a message that for a long time we are waiting for.  You are known as someone who is close to the kabbalist Rabbi Amos of Netanya.  It’s known that you are close to great Tzaddikim: Rabbi Dov Kook [from Teveria), Rav Stern [from Bnei Brak], Rav Golan from Alma–to all the great Tzaddikim.

“Do you have a message from Rav Amos?” Moshe Ben Lulu asks.

“Yes.  I have an important message from him!  We are close to Netanya and go to him a lot.  Rabbi Amos said one thing now which needs to be said, and which is happening now:

“For a long time the Jewish people are silent, great rabbis are silent, the entire world is silent — about the disgracing of a great Tzaddik, the Tzaddik of the generation, who is Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a, who they are disgracing from the morning to the evening.

“You know, the Shas party, everyone…, when they say to them about [Prime Minister] Bibi [Netanyahu], that he still hasn’t been tried, they answer: Bibi is a ‘tzaddik’ — he’s presumed innocent.

Rabbi Berland shlit”a, they’re torturing him for a year and a half in prison — he still hasn’t been tried, and everyone is afraid to protest.  Now, they brought the Rav to the district [court] with a mobile intensive care unit.  [He needed] intensive care inside the courthouse.

“What they annulled for Bibi, for Rabbi Berland, they don’t annul [about his appearances in court].  The kabbalist Rabbi Amos said that as long as [people] don’t protest the affront to the Tzaddik — for a year and a half, he’s not with us: there was no Uman, there was no Rabbi Shimon — there was a tragedy by Rabbi Shimon.

“This year, Rabbi Berland screamed (a short time before the tragedy in Meron took place): I want to go to Rabbi Shimon.  I want to sweeten the decrees.  They didn’t allow him…

“And the Sages of Israel — forgive us, we are dust at their feet — are not protesting.  Not one protests.  This Tzaddik is now in an ambulance, Rabbi Moshe.

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“There was never something like this — they take an 84-year-old Jew in an ambulance to the district court to try him for things that he has absolutely no connection to.

“Rabbi Amos screamed — he’s on video — he screamed: “If [people] don’t protest the [insult] to the honor of Rabbi Eliezer Berland, there will be a tragedy a 1000 times greater.

“We need to wake up because of this.  There is a presumption of innocence for everyone, and everyone is silent”

“Ok, listen Channan.  I’m going to tell you something,” the broadcaster reveals shocking information which is kept within the staff of Radio Kol Chai, which according to the broadcaster, are hiding from the situation of the Tzaddik by joining the bandwagon of hiding the truth.

Moshe Ben Lulu continues: “I have an order here [at Radio Kol Chai] not to talk about Rabbi Berland, but because you said that the kabbalist Rabbi Amos said this, I was silent, and I know what I’ll ‘receive’ after the program [for allowing him to continue to speak about Rabbi Berland].  But here you spoke.  Thank you very much.  Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach.

“Be well.  All the best.”

Video (in Hebrew)

To hear the audio of the interview, click here, and scroll to bottom of the article.

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