LISTEN: “Rav Berland will get out soon and the redemption will come but the people against him will have no part in it whatsoever”

Rav Dovid Chaim Stern
Rav Dovid Chaim Stern
Rav Aaron Farkas relates what the elder Mekubal Rav Dovid Chaim Stern shlit”a told him yesterday about Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a.

We’ve reported in previous articles the words of Rav Dovid Chaim Stern about “The final test before the coming of Moshiach”, as well as the video in which Rav Stern has a clear message for Am Yisrael not to believe the lies that are being spread about Rav Berland.

Yesterday Rav Aaron Farkas who gives the Likutei Moharan Daff Yomi shiur in Breslov, was being menachem ovel Rav Stern at his home in bnei brak on the passing of his sister.

At the visit Rav Stern was telling stories and among the things he was saying was that the complete redemption is extremely close and one of the things which is preventing the redemption is lack of tznius.

He then had very strong things to say about the suffering of Rav Berland and the people who are causing it to him.

Listen to the translated recording of Rav Farkas:


He spoke to me that the geula is very close…

Then I asked him what’s happening with Rav Berland why does he need to suffer so much and be in prison?

When he heard this, he got shaken up and he sat himself up straight and said “You should know, that Rav Berland is a pure and holy tzaddik who never sinned in his life, he is as pure as a one day old baby, he has never sinned and he has no connection whatsoever with sin.” And he said “You should also know that Rav Berland knows the entire torah not only from now, but already from when I remember him 50 years ago he knew the entire torah. And he is pure and holy, terrible lies are being spread about him. All those people who are doing this will never be able to leave gehinom and they will not merit seeing the imminent redemption. Rav RYou should know that soon Rav Berland will get out of jail and we will merit the redemption but these people will have no part whatsoever in the redemption.”

So I said to him “You know, Rav Berland constantly prays for the wellbeing of his persecutors, and he is judging them favorably”, So he said to me “Rav Berland can forgive but Hashem does not forgive them for what they are doing to Rav Berland and they will die a horrible death.” That is what he said, and he mentioned specifically a certain persecutor of the Rav. He was clearly very agitated about all this and he said “What they are doing to Rav Berland is an incomprehensible terrible and horrible sin, that such a Holy and Pure tzaddik is sitting in jail. They are cursed wicked people, they will not see the redemption, they will pass through all 7 fires of hell, I do not envy them.”

The main thing is that he said that the redemption is very very close, and Rav Berland is going to get out soon and see the complete redemption but these people will not merit.

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So Rav Meir Shlomo asked him why does Rav Berland who is such a holy and pure tzaddik need to go through so much suffering. So Rav Stern answered “Rav Berland took on himself all this disgrace willingly, but it does not excuse those people, they are cursed wicked people, and have no portion in the world to come, yimach shemam”.

I’m just passing over what I heard. Rav Berland is a true merciful person, he has mercy even on the most wicked people in the world, even the people who cause him so much suffering, he has this strength which does not exist in this generation to take people who were literally on the lowest rung of humanity, to take them and make them true tzaddikim, as we’ve seen with our own eyes throughout the years. That is the mercy of the Rav but Hashem is zealous for the honor of his tzaddikim and He doesn’t let this thing pass. On Hashems own honor he forgives but on the honor of the tzaddikim Hashem is not prepared to forgive.

“G-d willing, in the merit of the holy Rav, who takes on himself the suffering of the entire generation, like Yosef Hatzaddik who sits in prison and says “G-d sent me here before you” that he took on himself all the suffering of the entire generation, who is willing to go through all the pain and all the suffering only in order to give us life. He said once to Rav Meir Shlomo that “as long as I am in jail all of you can live in peace”, he takes on himself all of our pain. So we need to see that we pray for him because he suffers for us. Hashem will help that everything will be turned around for good. May we merit the Moshiach soon.

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