Is this the year the Moshiach is finally revealed?

Is 5778 the year the Moshiach is finally revealed?


Reposting from October 1, 2017.


At the end of the year 5775, during the month of Elul (corresponding to August 2015), Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, gave over a number of highly unusual shiurim vividly describing the coming of Moshiach, and calling on the Shuvu Banim community located in Miami and other locations outside of Israel to make aliya.

In one of the shiurim that was given over by telephone to the Breslov Center in Miami, Rav Berland said: “On Motzaei the first day of Sukkot everyone has to be in Israel to greet the Moshiach in Jerusalem – men, women and children and infants who do not know how to crawl. So right after Yom Kippur, everyone has to go to Israel! And for the citizens of Israel too, everyone must come to Jerusalem right after the first day of Sukkot to hear the king read the Torah as the Rambam says in Hilchos Chagigah”.

On Rosh Chodesh Elul 5775, Rav Eliezer Berland also explicitly spoke about the coming of Moshiach, and said: “Now we have forty days until Yom Kippur and 45 days before the soul of Moshiach will be actually revealed”.


At the time, Rav Berland’s comments stunned many of his followers and veteran students, who said that in all the decades they’d spent learning Torah at the knee of the Rav, they’d never heard him speak about the geula in this way before.

At that time, two years’ ago, many people believed that Rav Berland was referring to the coming Succot festival, 5776. But as that year came and went with no apparent revelation of the Moshiach, or obvious redemption of the Jewish people, Rav Berland’s comments were quickly forgotten.

Yet, to discount the Rav’s prediction of imminent geula are a huge mistake, for in the self-same shiur that he gave on Erev Rosh Chodesh Elul, Rav Berland, shlita, also explained that while the revelation of the Moshiach would begin in 5776 on Yom Kippur, that process would actually continue for another 6 years until the end of 5781.

Rav Berland, shlita, said then:

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“We are now preparing the Yom Kippur of 5776, preparing the Yom Kippur a day of salvation of 5781 when the Rosh Hashanah will come out on Shabbos and Pesach on Motzaei Shabbos and there will be a Purim Meshulash, when there will be the geulah, then it will be a day for relief, 5781, so will the true salvation to Israel, which Daniel prophesized that this will be on two thousand and three hundred, morn till eve, 2300 years, which will end in 5781, the year of Israel’s salvation.

The Rav continued:

“And now we are preparing in these same six years, and those six years from 5776 until 5781, these are years of redemption. These are years in which the people of Israel will do teshuva, the biggest criminals will do teshuva, because there are no secular in the Jewish people, and there are no criminals among the people of Israel, and no wicked people of Israel.

“These are all just stages in the salvation, it’s all stages in the development of the soul, in accepting the parts of the soul, the biggest gangster in the end will become the most righteous man.”

In a few short days, Rav Berland will finally be able to leave his home in Jerusalem, where he’s been serving out the remainder of his sentence under house arrest since Pesach. The Rav is due to be released on October 5th, 2017 – Erev Succot.

So, is this the year that the righteous Moshiach will finally be revealed at Succot time, and the redemption of Am Yisrael will finally begin in earnest?

We certainly pray that this will be Hashem’s will!

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  1. That’s interesting because 5781 is 2020-2021. The book of Zohar says moshiach will be revealed to the people in the year 73 which is 73 years after the state of Israel in 1948 which also makes the year 2021


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