Rabbi Berland is back in hospital – prayer gathering tonight at the Kotel

Rav Berland studying Torah in Hadassah hospital immediately after a serious operation
Rav Berland continues to study Torah every minute of the day, even in hospital.

A new prayer gathering tonight, as Rabbi Berland returns to hospital

Yesterday, June 18th 2019, Rabbi Eliezer Berland was taken back to the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem, following another couple of days where he was feeling unwell. As we’ve covered on a number of different occasions, Rabbi Berland’s health has been precarious over the last few weeks and months.

Less than two weeks’ ago, he was hospitalized for heart surgery at Hadassah Ein Kerem.

Yesterday morning, Rabbi Berland was experiencing great difficulty in breathing, so the decision was taken to take him back to the hospital.

Given the ongoing serious natures of his health problems, the Rav requested a while ago that his followers should try to complete the Book of Tehillim for him on a daily basis.

This evening, Wednesday, June 19th, 2019, there will be another prayer gathering held at the Kotel, for the Rav’s refuah (healing).

Two months ago, Rabbi Berland asked that 200 of the avreichim (Torah students) should complete the whole Book of Tehillim for him, every single day, in order for him to be able to continuing until Rosh Hashana, 5780.

Rabbi Moshe Tzanani shlita, one of Rabbi Berland’s most senior students, and a highly-respected Torah figure in his own right, had the following to say about what’s currently occurring:

Everything depends on this

“In the Midrash Rabba, it’s written that Moshe Rabbenu said to the Jewish people that there was a gezeirah, a big negative judgment against them. Moshe Rabbenu prayed and split the firmament [with his prayers], and this is how he managed to cancel out the decree.

“Moshe said then, that just one single man could save 60 myriads[1] – but the 60 myriads couldn’t save just the one man?! ‘When Hashem decreed something upon me,’ said Moshe,

‘You didn’t save me! You didn’t pray for me!’

“We really all need to strengthen ourselves in regard to our prayers for Moranu the Rav, shlita.

The situation is extremely complicated. The Rav is back in the hospital, and his condition is one of pikuach nefesh (life-saving urgency).

“Each person knows what the Rav has suffered on our behalf. The Rav is a like a father to us, who has been guiding us with tremendous rachamim (mercy), and with tremendous love.

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“The Rav brought us closer to Hashem, and he’s bringing all of Am Yisrael closer, too. All of the Jewish people are relying on him.

The Rav, shlita, is cancelling out all of the harsh decrees, and he’s taking everything upon himself.

“There is almost not a single sound organ in the whole of his body. Everything is wounded and bruised – it’s mamash the aspect of the suffering of the Moshiach, who is mamash suffering on behalf of Am Yisrael.

Rav Tzanani continued:

“We have to really pray with all of our strength that the Rav will continue to be with us, and that he will be able to bring the geula (redemption) for Am Yisrael.

Who knows what really depends upon this, that the Moshiach should be with us.

“The Rav requested that 200 people should take upon themselves to say the whole Book of Tehillim, every single day.

“But every person needs to strengthen themselves in this regard. Even if someone is a Talmud chacham (a tremendous Torah scholar), we still need to pray for them – and even more so for the Rav, upon whom everything depends! The whole world depends on him, and all of the Jewish people depend upon him!

“So, we need to greatly strengthen ourselves in prayer. The situation is not at all simple, and [we need to pray that] the Rav should continue to be with us. And then, Hashem will help us tha tin the merit of our prayers, we will hear good tidings.”


Please pray for Eliezer ben Etia.

Rabbi Berland also wrote a special prayer that people could say on his behalf, which we’ve translated below into English:

Master of the world All-Powerful, the Creator of healing, awesome in praises.

Please heal the Rav and the Rabbanit immediately in the merit of the Tzaddik the foundation of the world, Rabbenu Nachman son of Simcha, son of Feiga.  

And, perform for us the verse: “Give thanks to the Master of all masters, because his Mercy is Endless.”

And, we should merit to the hymn: “They will never be disgraced forever all who trust in You”.

And, we should merit the verse “My dove in rugged places of the rock, in the hidden embankment, show me your appearance, let me hear your voice”.

[1] A reference to the 600,000 root souls of the Nation of Israel.

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