Rav Arush to head of police investigation of Rav Berlands case “You can only fix your deeds if you admit your mistakes in public”

The head of police investigation who had a big part in chasing the Rav Eliezer Berland Shlit”a is begging for teshuva, he’s been suffering ever since. He came to Rav Shalom Arush yesterday and admitted that the police file on Rav Berland is empty, there is no mention of any of the accusations that appear in the media. Rav Arush told him that his teshuva is in admitting this in public.

 He said, if I publicize classified information not only with I lose my job, I will get arrested…

Hear Rav Ofer Erez relating the story here and also talking about the drought in Zimbabwe goo.gl/oz23Ii

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