Sichot Haran 144 – Self-Nullification Alone in the Midnight Fields – Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom

Watch the recorded class on Sichot Haran 144 in which Rebbe Nachman discusses how to achieve self-nullification through hitbodedut in the fields

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Topic: Rebbe Nachman — Sichot Haran 144 — Self-nullification alone in the midnight fields – Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom

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      Sichot HaRan 144 - Yissachar Berg - Self-Nullification~1 - Yissachar Berg

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Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom, Chapter 144

After the Rebbe returned from Lemberg, he was still very sick with tuberculosis.  He would often ride to the outskirts of the city and take walks in the field.  This was for his health and for other awesome reasons that only he knew.

During these strolls we heard many wonderful lessons and tales from the Rebbe.  It was on one such occasion that we heard the lesson on the verse (Gen. 24:63), “And Isaac went to meditate in the field,” apparently in the second part of Lekutey Moharan #11.

We had taken the coach out of the city, and stopped in a field to walk.  We had descended from the coach and were standing around the Rebbe, who was still sitting there.  It was time for the afternoon Mincha prayer, and we were about to begin the service in the field.  The Rebbe then revealed the above lesson, saying that when one prays in the field, every blade of grass enters into his prayers.

Several other lessons were revealed during these excursions.  There was lesson #12, “Where is the Place of His Glory,” on the verse (Gen. 22:7), “Where is the lamb for the offering?”  There was also lesson #15, beginning “Those who boast about fame,” on the Talmudical quotation, “Why do camels have small tails?”  Also told then was lesson #16, beginning “They asked why when a man asks G-d for livelihood…” Several other lessons were also revealed during these walks.

All of these lessons are related to the Talmudic account of the questions Rabbi Judah asked Rabbi Zaira when he was in a humorous mood.  All that we heard during these excursions is bound together in the remarkable Talmudic saying, “Rabbi Judah asked Rabbi Zaira when he was in a humorous mood, ‘Why does a rooster cover his upper eyelid with his lower?’”

This contains all the above lessons.

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