URGENT: Join the effort to restore Rav Eliezer Berland to health!

Prayers for Rav Berland

Rav Berland urgently needs our prayers

“I can’t speak for two days, already. I’m asking everyone to do 2,000 tikkun haklalis”

Over the last 24 hours, the Shuvu Banim community together with many other synagogues across Israel and world-wide, have organized a number of urgent prayers, for the refuah (healing) of Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita.

The Rav started to feel very weak yesterday afternoon, and then started to feel a general weakness at the close of the shiur he was giving late at night, in Tel Aviv.

The Rav requested his attendants to take him back to his home, and to cancel his other shiurim and house visits that were planned for the rest of the night.

Immediately after the morning prayers today, Wednesday, January 2nd, 2018, many of the Rav’s students got together, including Breslov chassidim, to start reciting the Tikkun Haklali on his behalf.  Many others people who have come to love the tzaddik over the last few years and decades, also signed up over the internet to start saying the Tikkun HaKlali on his behalf.

In this way, thousands of people started to say the Tikkun Haklali for the Rav, Eliezer ben Ettia.

Baruch Hashem, hundreds of Tikkun Haklalis have already been recited since the early hours of this morning – but there is still more to do.

Three days ago, on his birthday, the Rav already warned us that we needed to start praying for him, when he wrote the note that said:

“Please pray for the Rav, that he won’t be taken from the world before Pesach, and that the Rav should have his days lengthened until 210 years.”

Yesterday, the Rav turned to the community with an even more direct and blunt request.

These are his words:

“Already, I can’t speak for two days. I’m asking everyone to do 2,000 tikkun haklalis, and to reach saying 2,000 tikkun haklalis (altogether), so that the Rav can start to speak again today (i.e. yesterday) at the evening prayers, mincha and ma’ariv. And so that the Rav can give over a shiur on the Ketzot HaChoshen.

“Because if not, the Rav won’t be able to say kaddish. Everyone is obligated to save the Rav, and to return the power of speech to him, which was taken from him, as a result of [Am Yisrael’s] many sins.

“Only reciting the Tikkun Haklali can rectify everything. So, we’re obligated to recite 2,000 Tikkun Haklalis – the entire community, and anyone else who wants to help the Rav.”

(You can hear the Rav giving over this message – and how weak he sounds – by clicking HERE.)

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We’re asking everyone to please join in reciting the Tikkun Haklali for the tzaddik.

This is an extremely serious and urgent matter. Baruch Hashem, many Tikkun Haklalis have already been recited, beginning yesterday evening.

But more are required! We can’t rest on our laurels, and anyone who is able to recite the Tikkun Haklali – once, or even many times – should do so, for the refuah of Rabbi Eliezer ben Ettia.

The Rav said that the Tikkun Haklali is what is sustaining him, and this is what gives him life.

Another group of the Rav’s students have accepted upon themselves to do hitbodedut in his merit for a full 24 hours, so that there will be someone doing hitbodedut for a full 24 hours.

Please, in whatever way you can, join the effort to save the Rav’s life, please recite a Tikkun Haklali, or as many as you can; and / or devote your prayers and hitbodedut to the refuah and success of:


May we merit to hear good news.

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