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*Notes for Shiur No.8 recorded on April 19, 2020 – Sunday*
*Outside of Tzalmon prison where Rav Berland is now.*

Rav Berland is on the FRONT LINES of the final war.

How can he be fighting the war and sit in prison? He is doing both, he is fighting the war WITHIN prison.

Everyone is asking: Where IS Mashiach? Everyone has to OPEN THEIR EYES to see it. Mashiach IS HERE, we need to SEE and BELIEVE. We are in an exciting time in history. We all have a special ROLE to play. We each have a special JOB to do, and we should concentrate on what we each are to do.

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One simple job for all of us: PRAYER and TORAH. The Rav is asking us to say Tikkun Haklali 7X/day and to PRAY for him!

The IRON DOME in Israel protects on the physical level, and TIKKUN HaKLALI is doing the same thing but on a spiritual level and saying it helps on ALL levels.

Everyone is talking about the things coming before Mashiach: borders in Israel being closed, no food, etc. There are major things to come…..

The Rav doesn’t always talk straight out and is hard to understand him.
In 192 years, Mashiach needs to come before then, 28 years before the year 6000.
The Vilna Gaon said that this is the final time that Mashiach can come.

The wife of Rav David Bastri… who recently passed away…..she never ever missed doing work of Hashem from Chatzot to mid-day …She prayed, said Tehillim constantly all these hours each day. She had Ruach HaKodesh, she never left home for modesty reasons.
Before she died, she first got a message from Shamayim and woke up to give it over to us. She saw the argument in heaven as to WHEN Mashiach should come. Some said Mashiach and the Geulah should be pushed off….because they wanted him to come in more peace.
Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu z’l and Rabbi Kaduri z’l both said the same thing. Rav Berland was the one they said was fighting this so that the Geulah would come in sweetness.

2012 was suppose to have been the nuclear war to destroy 2/3rd of the world. This didn’t happen. Iran was involved…….the President of France broke it up. Mossad came in and removed the nuclear power threat at that time. The Tzadik of the generation…Rav Berland, said that he was going to mess up Iran’s plans and nuclear plants. Rav was in exile at the time and he fought Iran during this same time period.

Shimon bar Yochai. . .after 12 years got out of the cave…there was fire all around him. He was not afraid of the Romans. Being in the cave was LIKE being in PRISON.

Running away — the concept of the Tzaddik running away, is setting the stage for the tzaddik to come. Rebbe of Chabad also was in hiding. It’s all spiritual. Rav can AVOID being arrested. He needed to fulfill the verse about Yaacov running away…..The King is locked up in Chains. Rebbe Nachman also was in prison and wrote…… The idea of the Tzadik sits in Prison.

Being in exile = being in prison. It’s the SAME thing.

When the Tzadik is in exile, Hashem IS IN EXILE. Hashem doesn’t have a house, sparks of holiness are stuck in exile, amongst this filth in the world.
Everything we DO, blessings, etc. . . . are releasing these holy SPARKS. Raise them up!


The root of evil, impurity, of exile…TODAY…..it is the EREV RAV.
Rav Berland is 24/7 serving Hashem by raising the sparks and bringing the Redemption.

Vomiting….the last crap, the really deep stuff, needs to come out. The last sparks of holiness must come out. The Rav needs to go deep down to find and release these sparks. The darkest parts of the redemption.

The Midrash says that Mashiach will be in PRISON TWICE.


So WHEN is Mashiach coming? The world has their opinion of how he will come. They WANT BIG MIRACLES! The drama! Which is the simple “Kindergarten view” of bringing Mashiach.

Mashiach is a human being. Living amongst us in this world and he is suffering. If we are not looking for it, we will NOT SEE IT…

We learn from the gemara about nazir that when Moshiach first comes its very possible that only a few people will know about it.

Rebbe Nachman says….if Mashiach is around, then he is like me. It’s me.
Mashiach will be someone we all know. We will not recognize him because he is always around. One by one we will have him revealed to us. GET RID OF THESE IDEAS of clouds opening up and big miracle happens…!!!

Redemption IS coming – so try to be close to the Tzadik.
As much as you are connected to the Tzadik, that is your redemption.

The True message….YOU NEED TO CONNECT TO IT…Wake up and get involved and be part of the Redemption.

MASHIACH will not come unless you are CONNECTED to the Tzadik.


The book which was used on the webinar can be purchased here:

Haktav M’bein Ha’ilanot (the letter from between the trees)


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