“I’ll Sit in Jail 2 Years Instead of 12 and from this, Good will Sprout for Israel” – Rav Berland Shlit”a

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“A short time before they arrested the Rav, the Rav said several times, that G-d forbid, he is going to sit in jail 12 years.  They were many who heard this.”

Awesome testimony about the words of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, long before it was ruled against him to sit in prison for two years.  From the Kav HaTzaddik (02-532-6502).

“A Breslover Chasid — I heard this first-hand — asked the Rav how is it possible to sweeten the decree.  The Rav answered [that they should] travel to Hevron and through this they will sweeten the decree.  Really, at night they organized two mini-buses with people who travelled to Hevron.

“In the morning afterwards, the Rav arrived very happy and said to the one who organized the min-buses: ‘You sweetened the decree; now I will sit only two years [in prison].’

“This same person thought to himself that if ten years are sweetened through a trip to Hevron…  He asked the Rav, ‘How is it possible to sweeten it so that the Rav won’t sit at all?’

“The Rav said to him: ‘You only think about yourself.  You don’t think about others!’  All types of things similar to this.  Afterwards, the Rav told him to come to him in the evening.  When he came to him in the evening, the Rav repeated, saying: ‘You only think about yourself.  You don’t think about others.  You don’t think about the good which will sprout because of this.  Afterwards, it will be so good!’

“The same person reminded the Rav that he said that after he gets out of prison he will be more with the community.  The Rav repeated, telling him that he doesn’t think about others and that afterwards such great things will sprout from this!  From all of this, we see that Rav Berland is carrying out here a phenomenal war and that only the Tzaddik sees everything.”

We’ll return, bezrat Hashem, later on to the testimony with which we have begun and move on to the awesome words of Rav Nir Ben Artzi shlit”a, words which in a phenomenal way remind us of the words of Rav Berland shlit”a.

In a message which he gave over on the night of 27 Kislev 5782, Rav Ben Artzi shlit”a related to the way that Mashiach will be revealed:

“’It was at the end of two years and Pharaoh had a dream and behold he was standing on the riverbank.’

“Two years passed and Yosef was supposed to be in the dungeon for another ten years at least, or five or ten, but not for another two years.  However, the Creator of the World compressed the time into two years, like how Hashem brought down the exile to 210 years [from 400] – Pharaoh dreamt after only two years.”

We now return to the testimony from the Kav HaTzaddik, which shows how far the vision of the true Tzaddik reaches, and how far his war for the complete redemption of Israel goes, bezrat Hashem.

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“Also regarding Hevron, one of our Breslover Chasidim related that after the Rav was arrested, he was in contact with the Rav and asked the Rav how he can help him.  The Rav told him to travel every night to Hevron.  Also when they arrested the Rav, they said in his name that the Rav said to travel to Hevron and say 7 Tikkun HaKlalli’s.   We see that the matter of Hevron is very important.  Also over the prayer gatherings in Hevron there were many battles.  The police fought against this.  We see that this is something very important.

“Another story: Ten years ago, there was a much talked-about statement that the Rav said that now he is beginning to battle the husk of the Zionists.  From then, much time has passed.

“And in a period decades ago, when they traveled to Uman on forged passports, the Rav spoke all the time that they were fighting the husk of Russia and that they would fall.  In the year before they fell, the Rav said, ‘In a little while they will fall.’  Really, in the end they fell in a phenomenal way, without any war.

“We see that the Tzaddik, that his war is at the root.  This is a different war than what we think.  Our assistance is only with prayers, each person however he merits, all the prayer gatherings, assemblies, the holy things – this is really the war.  The war is there – the Rav fights them at the root of the matters.”

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