New Prayer to Say at the Grave of Rabbi Shlomo of Zvhil

Rabbi Shlomo of Zvhil was born in the year 5629 (1868) to his father Rabbi Mordechai the third Admor in the line of Rebbes of Zvhil.  In the year 5686 (1926), he moved to the land of Israel and settled in the Old City of Jerusalem.  Despite the Holocaust having eliminated most of his Chasidim, so that he almost didn’t have any Chasidim left, he was known in Jerusalem as a a great miracle worker.  On 26 Iyar 5705 (May 9, 1945), he returned his pure soul to his Creator and was buried on the Mount of Olives.

His holy grave is known as a place for working many miracles.  Recently our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a wrote a new prayer to say at the holy grave of Rabbi Shlomo “Shlomkeh” of Zvhil on the Mount of Olives.

The prayer is courtesy of “Tefilot L’Drachim V’Lkivrei Tzadikim” — soon to be published:

The Rav and Gaon Shlomkeh of Zvhil who with his passing, the terrible decree of the murder of 9 million Jews was cancelled, because he, with his passing to the loftiest heights, to the most hidden places, cancelled the terrible decree which was upon the Jewish people, a decree of destruction and annihilation, because of the selling of Yosef and the killing of Nov the city of Kohanim — from child to elder, infant and women, babe and suckling infant, because Shaul was truly merciful on Amalek, and said to Shmuel that he is not capable of annihilating children, women, and babies.  A Heavenly voice went out from Heaven: “Anyone who has mercy on the cruel will in the end be cruel to the merciful,” and then went forth the terrible decree of annihilation of the Jewish people, and then Shaul himself was annihilated, and he and his sons ascended to the partition of Shmuel HaNavi, and he merited to be included in the soul of Shmuel.  And therefore, the holy and awesome Rebbe of Zvhil came to sweeten all the decrees, and from then on, there are no decrees upon the Jewish people, and from then on, Hashem is bringing about the downfall of the nations of the world, downfall after downfall, until they have no resurrection.

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