Frightening Words from the Tzaddikim: Tragedies in Meron and Karlin Caused by War Against Mashiach

Rav Yekutiel Fish
Rabbi Yekutiel Fish shlit"a

In words echoing those of Rabbi Amos Gweta of Netanya just a week and a half ago, the Gaon Rabbi Yekutiel Fish shlit”a, author of the series of books Sod HaChashmal brings revelations from a Tzaddik who reveals what is at the heart of the tragedies in Meron and by Chasidus Karlin, and that we are now in the midst of an all-out war against Mashiach by those who oppose him.

Rabbi Yekutiel Fish:

“There are things which I didn’t want to say, and I’m also not interested in saying, but on second thought, I’ll say a portion of the things.  Maybe there will be some benefit in this.

“There is a Jew who is a Talmid Chacham and Tzaddik who said to me one sentence after the tragedy in Meron, and which now he said to me again after the tragedy by Karlin.  He said that the same thing is also true here.

And he added a horrifying statement: The danger still exists because of the the same reason that was in Meron and Karlin — the danger still exists.

“I can’t say everything for several reasons.  I’m only saying a portion of the things.  Perhaps it will be some benefit.

“Perhaps the words will sound strange to a portion of the listeners, but this doesn’t matter to me.

“He said: Despite there being many Rabbis who say all types of reasons for these tragedies, but like [with] everything, he who knows isn’t saying, and he who says doesn’t know.  And a thing such as this, it’s clear that he who knows isn’t saying, because it’s impossible to say this.

“I asked him: In any case, what…?

“Then he said: You know that many Tzaddikim already say, among them Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a who’s been saying this already for ten years, and many other Tzaddikim, all of them say that Mashiach is already here in the world.  The body of Mashiach is already here in the world.

“There is one Tzaddik, one Jew, that the Tzaddikim know that he will be Mashiach.  His body is here in the world, and maybe he still hasn’t received the soul of Moshiach from the chamber of the ‘bird’s nest.’  He still hasn’t received all the things that he will receive in order that there will be the revelation of Mashiach to the entire Jewish people, but his body is here in the world, and they know who he is.  It could be that Mashiach himself doesn’t know, but there are Tzaddikim who do know.

“He said: There are those in the world who understand that this is going to happen, the redemption of Israel, the coming of Mashiach is going to happen fast, and they’re not interested in this.  This doesn’t work for them, mainly because of their personal vested interests.  They aren’t interested in this [happening], so they found for themselves a solution — to wage war against Mashiach to such an extent.  Simply, they know who Mashiach is, and they decided that he should die.

“They have spiritual means for doing this, as it were, a kind of spiritual war, and of course, literally to the end, Hashem have mercy.  They decreed death on Mashiach, and they think that through this they solved the problem. 

It doesn’t work for them, the program of the redemption of Israel, with their vested interests. 

These are very difficult things to hear, and they aren’t totally understood, but he did emphasize these words: 


“And he said: Mashiach has the soldiers of the house of David, those who are connected to him, are bound with his soul and are meant to help him.  In a war, there are sacrifices, and this is what you saw in Meron.

“And now he added that the tragedy at Karlin was a continuation of the same thing.  These are the sacrifices of the war against Mashiach himself.  The whole Jewish people together with Mashiach himself will be in debt to these sacrifices–their lives, the redemption, and everything, forever — to such an extent [Translator’s note: That these tragedies saved the lives of Mashiach and the entire Jewish people, and the redemption will also be thanks to them].

“The punishment of those who are doing this, who are waging a spiritual war against Mashiach, will be worse than that of Titus the wicked.

“All the reasons that the Tzaddikim said after the tragedies in Meron and Karlin… certainly they are true; certainly everything which needs strengthening needs strengthening.  Everything that the Tzaddikim said is all true, but the innermost point — there are many reasons.  There is the tragedy itself, and after that is the form of the tragedy — why it happened here… there are many things surrounding [this], like the Tzaddikim who said that people trampled one another, one needs to learn not to trample [others], and so forth…  The love of one’s fellow Jew, modesty, to learn the inner Torah…  Everything is true, but this tzaddik is coming to say, why does this happen specifically now?  All of those things we needed to rectify and strengthen, and they are present by us already for many years, [but] what’s happening now?

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“He says that there is the war against our righteous Mashiach who is found amongst us.  Our righteous Mashiach is found amongst us; so say all the Tzaddikim.

“We’re talking about the body of Mashiach.  There may also be wars against Mashiach which reach the soul — we’re not going to elaborate on that point.  However, there is a war against our righteous Mashiach, Mashiach son of David, and this war now has reached a climax which is very, very dangerous and terrible.  I can’t say everything that I heard; it’s to the point of death mamash.  These sorts of tragedies are not just happening randomly.  These are horrible tragedies that are happening here in the holy of holies, in Meron and now in Chasidus Karlin.  These things are not simple.

“Many ask what should we do with this message.  The simple answer is prayer.  One always needs to pray and to request from Hashem salvation.  Now, we need a lot more than this, to pray that Hashem should protect our righteous Mashiach, literally.  To pray for our righteous Mashiach.  That’s mamash how it is.  If he in danger, and to such an extent that the danger causes what it causes… one needs to request from Hashem to ‘Save with Your great mercy Your righteous Mashiach and Your people.’

“If such a thing has been revealed…why not say it and give strength to Mashiach and pray for Mashiach?

“This is something which simply is possible to say, and can be said, and is fitting to say.

“HaKadosh Baruch Hu will certainly win the war.  No one can stand up against Hashem.  One who goes out against His Mashiach, this is against Hashem mamash, and certainly they will have a great downfall.  We need to be sure about this.  However, this doesn’t have to prevent us from making the efforts to prevent the tragedies which are happening around us.

“Bloodshed is a horrible thing, and we’re still within the danger; it still hasn’t ended.  If we can, through our prayers and strengthening, each one in his way, even though I know that all of this work requires a lot of self-sacrifice; there’s no doubt about this.  He said that this war against the head of the serpent itself.  Things that are not simple.

“If they close the hotline for me (where R Fish left this audio message)… I don’t care what they do to me.  I’m prepared to go with self-sacrifice in this matter.  What’s the question?  To prevent the spilling of Jewish blood, to do what is possible for our righteous Mashiach.  One needs to act now without looking right or left.

“To be with the simplest faith, in this simplest of things.”

To hear Rabbi Yekutiel Fish’s words (in Hebrew), go to the Hebrew page here

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