Prayer Download #3: To Overcome Anger, Worry and Anxiety

Side one of scanned hebrew prayer against anger

Prayer Download #3: Prayers to Overcome Anger, Worry and Anxiety

This week, we’re very pleased to be sharing with you translated prayers from Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, on overcoming anger, worry and anxiety.

We have quite a few more prayers in the pipe, and we are working as fast as we can to translate them, and get them out into the English-speaking world. Please do send these prayers on to anyone who may need them – there are many, many stories of people who saw very big miracles as a result of regularly saying the Rav’s prayers.

(And if you have a miracle story to share, please do get in touch.)

Prayer 1: To be saved from anger, making harsh judgments against others, and to merit abundant wealth.

scan copy of prayer in Hebrew to avoid anger and harsh judgments

side two of hebrew text of prayer to be saved from anger and harsh judgments

Master of the world, Almighty, please give me the merit to be saved from the trait of anger, and that I should never get angry again.

And, that I should never get upset at anyone in the world: “Because anyone who becomes angry, all types of hell overcome him”.

And, that I should never get angry over anything in the world, because it is all only a test – just for one second – as it is written: “Wait almost a second until the anger passes.” [And] “Because His Anger is momentary, He desires life.”

Therefore, a person must strengthen himself over the trait of anger, in order not to lose his wealth – both his monetary wealth and his spiritual wealth.

Because when a person gets angry, he loses everything, both spiritually and materially.

He loses all the sustenance that Hashem wants to give him. This is what we learn from: “We mention the mighty rains”, because the rains come from the attribute of might.

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Therefore, “Atah Gebor Liolam O-Donai”  – You are forever mighty, Hashem! This is the acronym אגל”ג [think this in your mind but don’t say it].

This is the Holy Awesome Name, that through this, it is possible to overcome the trait of anger. And every time a test of anger comes to someone, he should contemplate the name [only in your mind but don’t say it out loud]: אגל”גAtah Gebor Liolam O-Donai”.


Prayer # 2 To be saved from anger:

Side one of scanned hebrew prayer against anger

side 2 of scanned Hebrew text to be saved from anger

Master of the world, Almighty, at that time when I fall into the Sefira of Malchut of the world of Asiya, save me from the anger that comes from narrow-mindedness.

At the time when a person falls to Malchut of Asiya, this is very far down, and it’s where all the anger and upset that comes from mochin d’katnut (narrow mindedness) resides.

Through being saved from anger one merits to enter straight into Gan Eden, without any judgments.

And, a person merits to have sons and daughters through this, “Hugging the arms of the world”.

Please Hashem, let me have the merit to know that You are totally in control: “Strength in Your Hand and Might in in your Right Hand”.

And that it is impossible to be saved from anger except through singing and dancing, singing and praising as it says, “I will sing in praises to enter all the openings”, “And rejoice and exalt in You, I will sing to Your exalted Name”.

And, through this Your greatness, might, glory, and eternalness will be revealed. And also “With joy Your Name will be glorified”.


Prayer #3: To be saved from anxiety and worry

side one of prayer to get out of anxiety and worry

side 2 of prayer to get out of anxiety and worry

A prayer to merit to leave all our fears and worries behind, and to always merit the protection of the holy angels. And, to strengthen our faith, and to regularly say Tehillim.

Master of the world, Almighty, please give us the merit us of getting out of all of our fears and all of our worries. We should never tremble again and we should never worry again.

In the merit of our teacher, Rebbe Nachman ben Simcha ben Faiga!

And, the angels, Nuriel, Gavriel, Michael and Refael should accompany me. And through this, I should have no more trembling [anxiety], because all the trembling [anxiety] is from lack of faith.

I should be followed by the angels of the chariot, day and night.

And, I should enter into the Garden of Eden with my body.  And, I should say Tehillim day and night.


Rabbi Berland said every home should have a prayer! 

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