Find God within yourself (good point = God Point) – Highlights from Webinar class #1

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Topic of first class:

Find God within yourself (The Good Points = God Points)

Likutei Halachot Hashkamat Haboker 1:1 (part 1)

In this class we discuss:
  • Finding the good point in everything.
  • The good point in everything is Hashem.
  • Tapping into it will awaken us from the deep spiritual sleep and bring light into our lives.


This is from lesson number 282, its one of the more famous lessons of Rebbe Nachman, the lesson is called Azamra “I will sing.” Rebbe Nachman begins by teaching that a person needs to judge everyone favorably. Now this is what we already know from the Mishna in Pirkei Avot. But here Rebbe Nachman is expounding on it in a deeper level and explains that even if a person sees someone who is completely wicked; he looks like he’s completely wicked. He needs to search and try to find within him some small point of good, because it’s impossible for a person to be fully wicked there must be some little spark of good within him. And the main thing is not to focus on the evil but to focus on the good.

It doesn’t matter if the side of evil, the side of sin is packed until the heavens, with sins that a person did, tremendous amount of sins, and he has barely has any crumbs of good to show on the scale for the side of merit. But if he focuses on the nekuda tova, on the points of good, and he’s going to go on to explain that those points are good or points of godliness, God is infinite, and infinite, no matter how small of a speck of it you have, it’s still infinite, and it remains infinite and it will has the power to overweight, whatever amount of evil or darkness a person brought on themselves. So the main thing just to look for those little sparks, those little points of good.

When a person practices this teaching and looks at the good within himself, looks at the good within others, and looks at the good in his situation, within everything that happens to him… It’s not only teaching us to look at the good within people, it’s also to look at the good within things that happen to you, there is good in everything that good is God, the good is God, the torah says that “God is Good.” God is called Good one of the names of God is Good. So, when someone is always seeing the good points within everything then he’s always seeing God. Then what we saw in the Shulchan Aruch, in the code of Jewish Law that a person has to always see God in front of him, what does that mean? It means that he always has to see the good, always look at the good, if you always look at the good then you are always seeing God, then God is leading you. It’s like the little candle that leads a person in the darkness.

prayer to see only good
prayer to see only good

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