Rebbe Nachman – Redefining Atheism – Sichos Haran 38

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Topic: Rebbe Nachman – Redefining Atheism – Sichos Haran 38

How a religious Jew can be an atheist


Nachmans Wisdom chapter 38

“They have set their mouths against Heaven and their tongue walks the earth” (Psalms 73:9)

“For nowadays, atheism has become widespread, and people have allowed themselves to speak evil against all the Tzaddikim and anyone who is G-d fearing. And this is like someone who releases his tongue against the entire world, for he does not care about the whole world.

“This kind of heresy is really against Hashem himself. But since they are ashamed to speak outright against Hashem so instead they speak out against [G-d fearing] people.

“And this is what the verse means, “They have set their mouth against Heaven etc.”, because in truth what they are saying with their mouths [directed against people in this world] is really against the Heaven. Because the essence of their words is against Hashem, as explained above.

“But, “their tongue walks the earth,” that since they are ashamed to speak against Hashem Yisborach therefore their tongue walks the earth, that is, they let out their mouths against people, but in truth “they have set their mouth against Heaven,” as explained above.”

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