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Collection of Prayers (set of 29)


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“Collection of Prayers” by Rabbi Berland are pamphlets of prayers according to topic. Each one contains many many prayers on that one particular topic.

All prayers are original prayers written by Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a and specifically for this generation.


The following is the list of topics:

  1.  Having Children
  2. Righteous Children
  3. For a Man to Find his Wife
  4. For a Woman to Find her Husband
  5. Peace in the Home
  6. Easy Birth
  7. To Live in Jerusalem
  8. For a House or Apartment
  9. Abundance of Livelihood
  10. To Get out of Debt
  11. Health (general)
  12. Health (according to illness)
  13. To Come Close to the Tzaddik
  14. To Wake up at Midnight (incl. Tikun Chatzot)
  15. Torah Study (general)
  16. Torah Study (according to topic)
  17. Torah Study (for yeshiva boys and students)
  18. Torah Study with Guarding ones Eyes
  19. Happiness
  20. Song & Dance
  21. To Pray with Concentration
  22.  To Pray Early with a Minyan
  23. Hitbodedut
  24. Zmirot Shabbat (with prayers)
  25. Shabbat
  26. Anger
  27. Love your Fellow
  28. Faith and Trust
  29. Faith in the Chachamim

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