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Donate for the medical expenses of the Rav

Suggested Donation: $1,000 available on subscription

Become a partner! Choose a recurring payment plan below or choose "none" for a one-time donation:


Be a partner of the tzaddik in paying for his medical expenses which include:

  • Healthcare
  • Dr bills
  • Regular checkups
  • And everything connected to the Ravs health expenses

The Rav is currently suffering from multiple medical issues which require constant professional medical care. These include a single kidney which is malfunctioning, a heart catheter which requires constant care, Ganglion cyst on the leg, and other issues which cannot be written here. These are all after the Rav had multiple tumors removed and has been in cardiac arrest after heart failure. Through all this, the Rav insists on going on with his regular daily schedule of teaching, accepting the public, and praying with his community. A regular person at his age of 82 would have retired a while ago and anyone with his condition at any age would put themselves into a hospital. But the Rav sacrifices his life for Am Yisrael and will not give up.

Therefore, his students have come together to try to raise $20,000 in monthly donations which will allow for all the medical care needed in the Ravs own home.

All we need are 20 people to sign up to partner in becoming the life-support of the tzaddik for $1000 a month and we will reach our goal. If you cannot donate that amount, really any amount is acceptable and very helpful. Minimum donation requested is $18, just name your own price above and choose whether you want to become a partner by allowing this donation to automatically recur every month (until you decide to cancel) or if you prefer to make a one-time donation choose “none”. 

Our sages say about the Torah “Greater is one who supports it more than one who studies it” and “Even if a person reads and studies Torah but he doesn’t serve a Torah Scholar he is an Am Ha’aretz (ignorant)”