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Donate! Segula of Rabbi Chaim Palagi for the Holiday of Shavuos

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Erev Shavuos is an extremely auspicious time to give tzedaka to a Talmid Chacham.

The great Mekubal, Rav Chaim Palagi zt”l, promised great reward for anyone who donates $104, or any multiple of 104, to a Talmid Chacham on this holy day, the culmination of the days of sefirah and sheloshes yemei hagbalah. On this day, the eve of the receiving of the Torah from Mount Sinai the gates of Heaven are open to accept the requests of those who support a Torah Scholar.

*Erev Shavuot – Segula by Rabbi Chaim Palagi*

Rav Chaim Palagi a great tzaddik and mekubal talks about a segula that is done on Erev Shavuot. He promises that you can get your salvation in all areas in your life that are important.

Anyone that fulfills this segula, it’s a tikkun – rectification for the sin of Adam HaRishon, and for the sin of the golden calf, as well as any sin that’s associated with Pgam Habrit – any act that causes a man to waste seed.

It’s also a segula for healthy children, and brings the geula- salvation closer, both personal and universally.
When one lacks something, a spouse, children, health, finances, a home etc. The person is in a state of exile. By doing this simple segula s/he can merit to rectify their soul and come out of their personal exile, and Be”H as well as help the world get its redemption and Mashiach.

Rav Chaim Palagi wote that one person per household should give tzedaka on behalf of all members in the family- in the amount of 104 to a Talmid Chacham- Torah Scholar that is poor and humble. On Erev Shavuot.


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