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Escape From India

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Escape From India tells the gripping true story of how Ronen Dvash miraculously managed to escape from a notorious Indian prison, thanks to the intervention of a mysterious Tzaddik in Jerusalem.

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Escape From India

Ronen Dvash was a typical, secular Israeli businessman when he was caught with a large quantity of weed in his luggage, in Mumbai Airport.

Dvash was transferred to the notoriously corrupt Arthur Road Prison, where he knew he would have to wait years before his case would even come to trial – if he’d last that long.

Dvash contracted malaria in the awful prison conditions, and his physical state was weakening by the day. But at the same time, he started to reconnect back to Hashem, and back to his Jewish, religious roots.

Escape From India details the true story of how Ronen Dvash eventually made it back to Israel in the most miraculous circumstances, with some help from an anonymous Tzaddik in Jerusalem, who performed the pidyon nefesh that enabled Dvash to eventually make his miraculous Escape From India.

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