The Vatican is not going to back down

Vatican has the temple treasures
The Vatican has all the treasure from the Second Temple - and they're not going to give it up easily.

The Vatican has the Levites’ instruments – and each one is worth a billion dollars

An excerpt of some of Rav Eliezer Berland’s holy words, from his recent gathering in Holon.

We said that we were going to appoint a messenger now, that today we are going to choose a representative who’s going to go to the Vatican and ask for all the altars, and for all the tables. They took around a thousand tables [from the Second Temple], it used to be full of tables, and they took them all.

Everything is illustrated there [on the Arch of Titus in Rome], they can’t deny it. Now in Venice, the Greeks said that there wasn’t any such thing as a Beit HaMikdash, it’s just a Jewish idea. So what’s illustrated there?

They did a special arch when they conquered the Beit HaMikdash. They conquered a million cities, they conquered Persia, they conquered Armenia and half of India – and they didn’t do an arch.

But when they were victorious over the Jews, they made an arch, and it’s still standing even until today. There, they depicted the altars, and the tables, everything is engraved there, on the arch. There’s nothing they didn’t engrave there, about how many altars they took, and how many tables.

All of this is written in the ‘Valley of the Kings’, how many tables, how many kinorot (fiddles) – all of the violins were studded with precious stones.

These were the Levites’ violins. Every violin is worth a billion dollars.

Every violin was studded with the sort of gems that you can’t even find today, the sorts of gems you used to have in the old days.

A Greek once climbed on some wall [around the Temple], some high roof, and all he could see was the treasure, he said that precious stones like these weren’t to be found anywhere else in the world. Everything was studded with gems, and every gem was worth a billion dollars.

One of them was found there in Ghana, in Zimbabwe, a ruby. [The man who discovered it] asked how much it was worth, and they told him a billion dollars. There are gemstones that are worth a billion dollars, and all of this is in the Vatican.

And they are telling us “we were victorious in the war, we aren’t going to backdown.”

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