LISTEN: Composer Mona Rosenblum’s song of welcome for Rav Berland

Composer Mona Rosenblum is pictured conducting the band


Moshe Mordechai (Mona) Rosenblum, the legendary Hasidic composer and arranger, was the conductor and musical director of the military rabbinate in Israel for 30 years. When Rav Berland recently returned to his home and his freedom after his long exile, Mona Rosenblum came to greet the Rav at his home among Rabbonim, Admorim and other prestigious guests and composed two songs to mark the occasion. Afterwards he joined the celebration of the kehilla in the adjoining hall and played the accordion.

Rosenblum served as the musical director of the military rabbinate as a civilian working for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). During this period he accompanied the IDF military band to rehearsals, performances and events, and also conducted the pieces being played.

In 2010, Rosenblum won the ACUM Prize for Lifetime Achievement and his contribution to music.

Listen to the first song composed by Rosenblum in honor of the Rav’s release:
      Mona Rosenblum Toras Emes

These are the lyrics to the first song composed by Rosenblum in honor of the Rav’s release:

“His mouth utters true Torah, and nothing wrong is found on his lips, with peace and honesty he walks with Me, and he has returned many from sin. For he is an angel of G-d, seek out Torah from his mouth”…

“תורת אמת היתה בפיהו ועולה לא נמצא בשפתיו, בשלום ובמישור הלך אתי ורבים השיב מעון. כי מלאך ה’ צבקות הוא,  תורה תבקש מפיהו…
The second song:
      Mona Rosenblum Shir Chadash

The lyrics of the second song are as follows:

“Sing a new song to Hashem… Fire walks before him and burns all his enemies, mountains melt like wax before Hashem. 
“שירו לה’ שיר חדש…  אֵשׁ לְפָנָיו תֵּלֵךְ וּתְלַהֵט סָבִיב צָרָיו
הרים כדונג נמסו מלפני ה’
A small video clip from the celebration:

This article was originally posted in Hebrew HERE.


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