I’m Ready To Die, the Main Thing is that Yaakov Will be Happy – Daily Shiur by R’ Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The full translated text of the daily shiur of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, given on Tuesday, the night of 4 Shevat, parashat Bo, after Maariv:

So Serach bat Asher, who would dance all day, didn’t stop dancing.  She only danced, danced, danced, and then she entered with her body into the Garden of Eden.  Because whoever says “Yosef is alive,” would die on the spot.  Rachel stole the idols [and Yaakov said that whoever stole them “wouldn’t live,” unaware that Rachel took them, and from his curse Rachel died].  He [Lavan] said, “Why are you stealing the idols; you stole my gods, the gods.”  [Yaakov answered:] “Yes, we stole your gods.  So what?  Why are you irritated?  Why are you so irritable?”  [Lavan said to him:] “Yes, my gods are something important.  It protects me.”  [Yaakov asked him:] “If it protects you, then how did they steal it from you.  Explain to me: Does it protect you or not protect you?”  Then he [Yaakov] said: “How did she steal it from you?”  So there was great distress here.  She stole the terifim.  In the end, she died, poor thing, within half a year.

So also whoever would say that Yosef was alive, would die on the spot.  [Yaakov would have said:] “Why have you been deceiving me for 22 years?”  But Serach said, “No I don’t care if I die.  I’m ready to die.  The main thing is that Yaakov, that Grandpa will be happy.  In the merit of making grandpa happy, and she danced non-stop: “Yosef is still alive, and king in Egypt, and he has two sons, Menachem and Efraim…”

The shiur begins at timecode 44:58

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