Rabbi Berland’s Prayer to Reveal G-d’s Wonders

From Tefilah L’Ani: Leket Tefilos u’Vakashos

Prayer to Reveal G-d’s Wonders

Ribono Shel Olam – Master of the World – Who revives the dead with abundant mercy, Living G-d and King of the World.  Have mercy upon us, revive us and sustain us, sanctify us and purify us from the impurity of the dead, which is the father of fathers of impurity, until theories of natural cause and effect will be subdued and nullified, since from there is the hold of the Sitra Achra (the Other Side – i.e. the side of evil), and let us merit to believe in Your holy miracles, in the exodus from Egypt and in the splitting of the Red Sea, [that] we will believe that everything behaves through Your wondrous divine providence with no natural means whatsoever, that everything is conducted in a way so that Your uniqueness and unity will be revealed in the world.  Then You will do with us miracles and wonders for good; You will shed two tears into the Great Sea and put a total end to all the idolaters who are persecuting us.  We will sing a new song to You about our redemption and the redemption of our souls, a song of divine providence, a song of wonders.

Merciful and Gracious – Please, hear our prayers, don’t toss us away from before You in old age.  In the end of generations, hurry please to redeem us, and show to us wonders and salvations, and our eyes shall behold great miracles which happen at every hour and moment; because we need Your miracles, we await Your mercy, we long for Your kindness, that You should grace us with every good trait, and that fear and contrition should be our portion, that we shouldn’t sin again – even a hairsbreadth – and all our involvement will be in prayer and repentance.

Open for us gates of understanding, to save us from a life of error, delusion, and disappointment.  Open for us gates of wisdom and knowledge, that we should no longer drown in floods of the deluge, to not sink into a life [that’s] abhorrent spiritually and physically.

Please, Merciful, look now and see our poor and destitute state, because on account of the distress and the harshness of the suffering, all the mochin (mentalities – i.e. intelligence) have been taken from us to the point that we have been left empty of everything.  Please, shine Your light upon us in the merit of awesome Tzadikim who are drawn from the light of Ain Sof (the Infinite), from the light of the Seven Days [of Creation].  Please, illuminate our way with the light of the Seven Shepherds who were saved from all darkness, who illuminate with their light every dark corner, and in everything they did they called in Your Name; the Name of heaven they sanctified in every land and nation.  Therefore, we come through their power and in their merit to plead before You.  Please, bestow upon us from Your light, save us from a world of chaos, from toiling for naught, and let us merit to engage in Your Torah for its own sake, without straying from Your will even a hairsbreadth.

G-d, exalted, uplifted, and abundantly able to save – Save us speedily and redeem us also in this generation, as we are today, even if we aren’t worthy of any miracle or change in nature.  Even so, nothing is beyond You, and You perform miracles and wonders beyond measure in every single generation and on every single day for the worthy and unworthy when they scream to You in truth and sincerity, and search for the true Tzadik with all their heart and soul – the Tzadik who is an aspect of “and the man Moshe was very humble, more so than any person on the face of the earth” (Bamidbar 12:3); that he is an aspect of dust and ashes, who threw straw and it turned into arrows, dust and it became swords.  And when we reveal a Tzadik like this, then our souls will be precious in Your eyes, and despite us being inadequate – in truth like dust and ashes – save us.  Specifically from the midst of our lowliness and inadequacy, shine Your light for us and redeem us, and fulfill in us: “G-d awoke like one who was sleeping, like a warrior rousing himself from wine.  He struck his enemies into retreat, eternal disgrace He gave to them…  He chose the tribe of Yehuda, Mount Zion which He loves.  He built his Temple like the high heavens, like the earth He established forever” (Tehilim 78: 65-69).  Then You will return and build for us our Temple, and return us to our land, to our holy city, “Bring our scattered ones close from amongst the nations.  Gather our dispersed ones from the ends of the earth, and bring us to Zion our city in gladness, to Jerusalem, Your Temple with eternal happiness.”

Ribono Shel Olam – Master of the World!  Place a mouth for the mute.  Give us a mouth to speak of Your Torah and Your true wonders always, “so that the last generation will know, children will be born, will rise and tell their children” (Tehilim 78:6).  Let us merit to make known to our children, and to our children’s children, and to all the children of Israel for their generations all Hashem’s works and wonders which He has done for us from the day of the exodus from Egypt until this day, as it’s written, “You shall make them known to your children and to your children’s children” (Devarim 4:9).

Full of Mercy – Let us and all Israel merit to the true light of the eyes, to look and see the truth always, and we will glance and see the wonders of Hashem in truth, always.  Open my eyes and the eyes of all Israel [so that] we shall see the wonders of Your holy Torah which You revealed through Your true Tzadikim – that You alone know of the wonders of their Torah which they revealed in the world; and through the light of the eyes, all the requests and supplications which we pray opposite the Holy Temple will ascend, and through this the redemption, which is dependent on the heart, will be aroused, as is written, “Because a day of vengeance is in My heart and the year of My redemption has come” (Yeshayahu 63:4).

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