The Role of the Woman is to Make Sure that Her Husband Doesn’t Dispute the Tzaddik – Daily Shiur by R’ Berland Shlit”a

The full text of the Daily Shiur of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, Monday, the night of 28 Marcheshan, parashat Toldot, after the Maariv prayer:

In the weekly parashah it’s written “Admoni – Reddish” (Breishit 25:25), and after this, in I Shmuel, [about David] another time “Admoni” (I Shmuel 16:12), that only twice in the entire Tanach, it’s written twice “Amoni.”  The Midrash Rabbah says that Yitzchak thought that Esav is David, because it’s written “Admoni”; also about David it’s written “Admoni.”  Shmuel thought the opposite, that David is Esav, because he said, “No way will he be king here; I won’t allow this.”  He said, “No way will I allow David to be king here.”  He asked Yishai, “Don’t you have any other children?”  Certainly… He says: “I have one who isn’t worth bringing.  It’s a waste for him.  He’s not worth anything.  Only knows how to herd sheep.  He doesn’t know Alef-Bet.  He doesn’t know how to read, doesn’t know how to bless.”  Fine, he said, “Then yalla, bring him.”  When he comes, he says, “It’s definitely not this one.  Such a terrible child I’ve never seen in my life.”  People don’t know that the worst child is the child who is the most tzaddik.  The worse the child, the more he is a tzaddik [the Rav has explained in other shiurim that in such children are found the loftiest souls].  Hashem says to him, “Get up!  Get up already!  Yalla, get up!  Why are you sitting?  Get up! Get up!  “Arise…because this is him” (I Shmuel 16:12).  This one – this one that you think is the most wicked, that he is the most blemished, that he’s the most retarded – this is the most successful child in all history.  Such a king never was and never will be.  Because Mashiach is David himself.  And Mashiach ben David, and before, Mashiach ben Yosef will come to fight with the Arabs.  The Arabs will conquer the whole Land of Israel, but this will only be in another 190, 189 years – 5972.  It’s written in Pirkei d’Rabbi Eliezer, chapter 28: 28 years before the end of the 6th millennium – 5972.  The Rambam says [that in] 5972, Mashiach needs to come.  The Rambam says that this is the year of Mashiach – 5972.  Then the Rambam says that Mashiach will certainly come.  He says that we have a tradition, from mouth-to-mouth from the exile of Jerusalem, that in 5972, Mashiach will certainly already come… Then this is 28 years before the end.  Then there will be, “Your sons and daughters will prophesize” (Yoel 3:1).  Everyone will have Ruach HaKodesh (divine inspiration).

Because once, every girl had Ruach HaKodesh, every girl, like Serach Bat Asher, every girl had Ruach HaKodesh.  All the girls – the granddaughters of Yaakov knew that Yosef was alive.  In a while, we will read parashat Vayeshev.  Then Binyamin knew that Yosef was alive, even though no one told him.  Because he wasn’t in the sale, he didn’t know anything.  But it doesn’t matter – so he knew with Ruach HaKodesh.  Yitzchak knew with Ruach HaKodesh, Yitzchak knew.  Also he wasn’t in the sale.  Even though there was the ban to not tell, apparently Ruach HaKodesh isn’t relevant to the ban.  So Yitzchak knew.  Every girl knew that Yosef was alive.  All the girls knew that Yosef was alive.  They didn’t dare to tell grandpa.  If they would tell grandpa, all the brothers would have died at that moment.  The moment that [their] father would know that Yosef is alive, and that a wild animal hadn’t eaten him – he wasn’t devoured by wild animals.  It’s a sign that the brothers had sold him, so everyone was afraid to tell, that [perhaps] all the brothers would die.  The nine brothers would have died.  Also Reuven would have died.  “Reuven shall live and not die” (Devarim 33:6).  Therefore, it’s written, “Reuven shall live and not die,” because Reuven had needed to ride him on his shoulders.  Because Reuven heard the Heavenly voice – “Reuven heard and saved him.”  It’s written in Panim Meirot of Rabbi Pinchas of Nikolsburg – he was Rabbi in Franfurt – so it’s written in Rabbi Pinchas, Panim Meirot, that Reuven heard a Heavenly voice “Yosef is a Tzaddik, bring him home – it’s all libels, all lies, all delusions.”  However, since he [Reuven] didn’t listen, therefore it needs to say “May Reuven live and not die.”  And now he fled to Sambatyon, because the moment that they made golden calves, they made golden calves.  Eliezer saw this.

Eliezer had Ruach HaKodesh; he saw until the end of all generations.  He saw how they [would] make the calf – he went out of his mind!  “This I’m bringing to Yitzchak, a woman from whom the calf will come about.”  He sees what will be in another 660 years.  Now Yitzchak is forty years old…  After 400 years will be the complete redemption [from Egypt], [and] within three months they made the calf.  He said, “I see a calf, I see the breaking of the Tablets, I see dancing.”  But then he saw that Moshe ascended a third time.  Suddenly, Moshe ascends a third time.  Then he [Eliezer] took the two bracelets, put [them] on Rivka, because the Tablets are only in the merit of Rivka.  So he placed the bracelets, that [through] this he said, “I see that the Tablets will return – in the merit of Rivka the Tablets will return.”

Because that the Tablet’s return is only in the merit of the woman, that a person has a righteous wife.  Then the Tablets return.  Because the man by himself already gives up, he already saw that the Tablets were broken.  Everyone dancing with the calf.  Whoever didn’t dance, was happy that others were dancing – would say to his wife, “Just let me go to the dancing.  I won’t make a calf.  I won’t bow down to it.  [I’ll go] to the dancing – this is the dancing of Shuvu Banim.  Let me go…”  The woman had needed to give him two slaps.  Because she didn’t give him two slaps, she remained a widow.  Because everyone who bowed to the calf, danced to the calf, all of them died, [and] their wives remained widows.  This was the punishment for not giving them two slaps.  The wife needs to give two slaps to her husband, to throw him out of the house, to throw him out of the house: “What, you dispute Shuvu Banim?   You dispute the Tzaddik?”  Like the wife of On ben Pelet did; bought him champagne.  Every woman who sees that her husband disputes the Tzaddik – buy him champagne, that he should fall asleep for 24 hours and the insanity should leave him – the dybbuk should leave him.  Everything is dybbukim.  Dybbukim enter people, [they] dispute the Tzaddik.  Disputing the Tzaddik – it’s all dybbukim.  So Korach’s wife let them congregate together all night, all the Jewish people.  He did all the Jewish people.  There remained for Moshe less than a minyan, only Aharon and his two sons, because Nadav and Avihu had already died.  Three, and Moshe, and Miriam is another two.  And also his two sons – this is seven.  This is what was left.  Then they had needed to join Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov so there would be a minyan…so they could stand up against all the Jewish people.  Because all the Jewish people were with Korach.  Only On ben Pelet wasn’t with Korach.  On ben Peleet – his wife bought for him champagne, and in this way he was saved from Korach.  So the role of the wife is to make sure that her husband doesn’t dispute the Tzaddik, that her husband won’t speak [badly] about the Tzaddik.  And if he does speak, then buy him a bottle of wine – he will sleep, that he should sleep until the end of his life.

The shiur begins at timecode 35:45

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