Thousands Merit to Come to R’ Berland’s Home for Blessings of Shana Tova

Thousands of students of Rav Berland shlit”a from all over Israel merited in the days before the new year to enter the Rav’s home for blessings of a good and sweet new year, receiving a jar of honey from the holy hands of the Rav shlit”a

Every day, some 500 people received the joyful message that they are invited to come to Rav Berland’s home.  From 5:30 pm until Ma’ariv, they entered one after the next to receive from the Rav’s holy hands a jar of honey.  In addition, with a shining face and the Rav’s great love for each Jew as he is, he offered advice and blessings to each one according to his requests and needs.

It’s worth noting that to ease entering the Rav’s home, which was carried out with amazing order and swiftness, a new door to the Rav’s home was built at great expense, especially for the benefit of the visitors.  Throughout all the hours of the event, it was impossible to miss the great excitement and joy on the faces of all those who came to the Rav’s home, from all colors of the spectrum.

Photo gallery from the event:

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