Todays events surrounding Rav Berland Thursday July 21st 2016

After the judge in Nitzan court ruled on Tuesday upon Rav Berlands arrival against the request of Israel Police to issue a 7 day remand so that they can build a case against the tzaddik, the police appealed the decision today in front of a closed door court while the Rav was being treated in the hospital.

The Judged rebuked the police for them trying to keep the Tzaddik behind bars without a trial saying “Your behavior is crooked“, he also said “If it was up to me I would issue a final verdict right now against you”.

Now at 2:52pm Israel time Rav Berland is being led from the hospital to the court in Rishon L’tzion, in which the judge will decide whether to drop the case completely and let the Rav home for shobbas.


Hundreds of followers and supporters are expected outside the court room in which the trial will be held in a little over at 4:00pm Israel time.

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