Why for 22 Years Didn’t They Tell Yaakov that Yosef is Alive — Dailiy Chizzuk

The Daily Chizzuk by our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a — “The Yud of Sarah is the Ten Types of Melody”

Tuesday, 5 Elul 5783

These are his holy words:

Rabbi Natan explains in [Likutey Halachot] Hilchot Birchat HaMazon that the whole conquest of the Land was through the Yud of Sarah, that she was previously Sarai.

The Yud of Sarah is the Ten Types of Melody.  Sarah would sing all the time.  Therefore, she entered with her body to the Garden of Eden.

Without the harp, Serach bat Asher would not have entered with her body to the Garden of Eden, because whoever would announce to Yaakov that Yosef was alive would die on the spot from the resentment of Yaakov.  Behold, why didn’t Yosef write a letter to his father until now and say, “Aba, I am alive”?

At that moment, Yaakov would have asked, “What, you’re alive?  I thought, ‘A savage beast devoured him’ (Bereishit 37:33).  What, Yosef was sold?  Who sold him, the brothers?”

No trace would have remained of all 12 brothers — no trace would have remained!  Therefore, nothing would remain of anyone who would come and tell Yaakov that Yosef is alive — “Why have you deceived me for 22 years?  I sit on the floor in mourning, weep, wear sackcloth and ashes, and you don’t tell me the story.  You allow me to mourn for Yosef, and you know that he is alive!”

Then the moment that Serach revealed that Yosef is alive, she was supposed to go to death — immediately they put her in excommunication.  This went along then with excommunications.  This isn’t simple.  They excommunicated her, excommunicated Asher, her father.   Why does her father tell her such stories that Yosef is alive — these are things that are forbidden to reveal!

And Serach sweetened everything because she entered with the harp, with melody, with joy, and sang to Yaakov the news.

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